A Little Reality is…Scary

I’m practicing with my new camera for my YouTube debut. I am so ignorant of everything I need to do for YouTube, but I’m learning. The editing software is a trip.

The first time I took a video of myself I was on the CardioStrider. I told myself I looked like hell because I was exercising strenuously. Hah! Honey chile, it didn’t get better. So, I went to various rooms. Then I used a special light. Then I used my phone.

Nope, still wasn’t better. I saw my grandmother in my face. Not my mother. My grandmother.

Okay, then. I assessed the situation. I am pale. Like a zombie pale. Who knew that the older you get the more washed out you become? Nature has decided that I need to look like a turkey, neck wise. That was a big shockoroo when it happened a few months ago. One day you’re fine. The next, wham! Gobble, gobble, Karen. My hair is thinning. I took a photo of the top of my head. Have you ever done that? Remember last September when I had the parathyroidectomy? Well, they told me that my hair would stop falling out and come back in within six months. It ain’t happening, baby. I almost have male pattern baldness. Rolling eyes.

I didn’t face any of this “stuff” (and you know I want to use another word SO BAD) a few years ago.

I started experimenting with makeup. I haven’t done that since I was a teenager. Honest. So I decided that maybe my makeup was too blah. I amped it up. I felt a little bit like a hooker, honestly. But I did the whole thing with the eyelashes – not fake, because I’ve never mastered those – more color on my face, more eye shadow. I bought a volumizer for my hair. I trimmed it in places.

Then I took another video.

This was marginally better. I guess I have to look like a hooker.  I ordered a bunch of new makeup from Amazon. It came yesterday. I sat at my vanity this morning primping like a teenager. I don’t mind looking my age. Oh, who am I kidding. I do mind looking my age. I want to look better than my age. And if I have to look like a hooker to do that, then howdy sailor, want a date?

Before I took Stanley to the groomer I washed it all off. 🙂

I forgot how sensitive my eyes are. I can’t wear liquid foundation. It makes my eyes water. I’m going to have to keep up with the mineral stuff. And no glaring shades of eyeshadow, either. The volumizer stuff worked great. A new hairstyle might be necessary, though. And, if you see me wearing an infinity scarf you know why (gobble, gobble).

11 thoughts on “A Little Reality is…Scary”

  1. No one wants to look their age Karen.

    I also have a slight issue with my hair part in the front with the thinning. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on finding the right products and I’m constantly purchasing different makeup/creams etc. I’ve found that Kerastase Densifique shampoo and conditioner are really great for thickening up your hair. I love it. I actually use two different ones from Kerastase. I really love the Densifique and alternate days using the Kerastase Nourish and conditioner. They are both awesome. My hair feels bouncy and light. I use a root lifter (Matix, comes in a green bottle) and have used this for several years.

    For face cream a really good one is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Face Cream. Other good ones for (mature skin) and helping your face and neck area appear more youthful is Creme La Mer and also Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Creme. I have tried and used all of these but I’ve stuck with Charlotte Tilbury the longest. You’ll gasp when you see the price of some of these.

    I prefer not to go gently into that good night.

  2. If we face we reality , none of us look perfect , but since there is no such thing as perfect that is ok . I use to be around 350 pounds , now I am 240 . I look like a sack of mashed potatoes naked . However when you die , nobody will comment on how bad you look

    • Congratulations, Jeff! That is a huge accomplishment. Wowza! I’m on a similar journey. Mashed potatoes? Oh, who cares? You’re so much healthier in every way. Good for you!

      • Chemo makes you hairless. Hair holds makeup on place. It runs right off my face into my eyes, here comes the eye drops and red eyes. Not a pretty picture since also have the resident turkey and sagging skin from a weight loss. Someone told me ,in mistaken encouragement , that at least I had a pretty shaped head.. A ain’t getting old grand

        • Waving my magic healing wand in your direction, Nita. I pray that everything goes in the BEST direction for you. Hugs.

    • Jeff, congratulations on your power and courage. Most normal human beings are not lovely to see naked. Where is an air brush when I need one?

  3. the root touch-ups in powder or spray form are great for hiding thinning hair in addition to covering up the gray.

    If you use a spray be careful to not over spray. a little at a time, otherwise you have to wash it out and start over.

  4. Nah, no hooker there…..but don’t you wish there was someone who could invent an infinity scarf that would go from our toes to our nose?

    I use mineral powder and I would suggest you simply use the next shade up. And practice using the blush. You will get it. There is also a bronzer you could try. Look at good pictures of Helen Mirren. She looks lovely.

    You do know that as we get older, who we are shows in our faces and our eyes. So, keep in mind you are a good person, and a kind person and a thoughtful person. That is gonna make you look really terrific.

    And on the topic yesterday about losing our pets. I found Sonny and he is not a Boxer or a dog which reminds me of any dog I have known, but he is perfect for me right now in my life. You have a dog who is perfect for you right now. And he is funny and cute and he loves you to the moon and back.

    • Helen Mirren does look good, doesn’t she?

      I was thinking of Stanley the other day, along the lines of your comment. He’s unlike any breed of dog I’ve ever had. Plus, he acts unlike any dog I’ve ever had, too – and that’s a good thing. He keeps me on my toes.

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