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Sometimes in life we need to do a course correction. Sometimes, we’re required to do things we’re really not all that fond of, but which are simply necessary.

Therefore, it is with humble heart and a little rolling of the eyes that I announce that I’m back on Twitter. Yep. @karenranney1 is my Twitter name.

As far as Facebook I doubt if I’ll ever return to that 13th circle of hell, but never say never. Whenever I’ve said never say never I’ve always had to eat my words. Crow, with a dash of mustard, please.

It’s a long, drawn out story why, but it’s coupled with some good news I can announce in a month or so. I know, don’t you just hate teasers?

I’m also on Instagram – writer_karen_ranney.

It’s been five years, I think, since I was last on Twitter. I might be wrong on the years, but it’s been awhile. I’ve never been on Instagram. Everything’s a learning curve.

I’m going to be on YouTube within a few months – and no, that’s not my news. That should be a fun experiment, though. I’m looking forward to it. I have my channel up, but it hasn’t been published yet, plus I’m still learning my new camera and microphone. Baby steps.

I fully anticipate making an absolute ass of myself from time to time, but I’m a believer in that old adage: nothing ventured, nothing gained.