The Weirdness of Being Me – Keyboards

I’ve confessed on numerous occasions that I’m a tech gadget aficionado. That personality trait shows up in my keyboard consumption.

When I first made the change from a PC to an IMac I unboxed my new computer with trembling hands. I was so excited, but scared, too. I’d only used an Apple machine a few times and was worried about the learning curve.

When I unpacked the keyboard I just stared at it.

Apple keyboard (flat, with tiny keys, in my humble opinion)

Are you flippin’ kidding me?

I’m what they call a production typist. I need systems that allow me to input. The Apple keyboard is still, in my humble opinion, a joke.

So, off I went on a hunt for an ergonomic Apple keyboard.

Hint: they don’t make one. They don’t sanction one. They don’t recommend one. I still think that’s a pretty foolish attitude, but I love my IMac, so off I went again, to find an ergonomic keyboard that would work with Apple. In other words, how do I get the function keys to do the same thing on an Apple?

Hint: they won’t. There’s always a trade off. You will get some functions to work correctly, but others won’t.

I have four different brands of keyboards in my closet. For the last two years I’ve settled on a GoldTouch ergonomic keyboard and it’s worked fine. Until…

GoldTouch keyboard

One day I started working and my fingers were making all kinds of mistakes. Granted, the writing has been rubbed off the keys, but I know where they are. It’s like my fingers were either too plump or they’d shrunk. Something was weird. I went for two weeks like that, making mistake after mistake.

Finally, I pulled out the Kinesis wireless Freestyle2 Blue keyboard out of the closet and voila! I could type again. This keyboard has to be charged occasionally, which is a pain, but at this point I really don’t care.

Kinesis keyboard

I’ve been looking at the GoldTouch, wondering what the heck happened. Why can’t I type on a keyboard I’ve been using for two years straight? I don’t have an answer, other than the keys are definitely different between one keyboard and the next. I’ve been losing weight, maybe my fingers have, too. 🙂

What about you? If you use an Apple machine do you use their keyboard? Do you use an ergonomic keyboard? Why do you think my fingers don’t work? Have you ever had that problem?

8 thoughts on “The Weirdness of Being Me – Keyboards”

  1. I remember failing typing class in high school . With me it is not the keyboard but can I get the letters on the screen?

    • Oh, that’s bringing back bad memories. I hated typing class. If I’d known I would be typing for the rest of my life I might have paid more attention. 🙂

  2. I use a PC, and my new laptop’s keys are made differently, and I find I make more typos. I haven’t figured out why. Perhaps, on mine, the keys are in a smaller configuration. The other one was low profile, too.

  3. Don’t use an IMac. I too have keyboards which have many of the letters gone. I have been typing since before there were typewriters, so generally I do OK. And I like the idea of my keyboard doing certain things and even sounding a certain way.

    As for why your fingers are not working right. It could be that the muscle memory has altered.

    Now, I am going to tell you a secret. When I take my glasses off to wash my face, if I do something else along the way, when I come back to begin washing my face, I automatically try to take off my glasses. It is muscle memory.

    So, the only thought I have is muscle memory. Do you think it could be that? And when you went to another keyboard, you were returning to a more familiar spot in muscle memory?

    Or, I am dumber than a box of rocks and have no idea.

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