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Once upon a time people came to your door to sell you vacuum cleaners, encyclopedias, and oodles of kitchen gadgets. The Fuller Brush Company did a huge business selling all kinds of brushes and cleaning tools to housewives.

That was then. This is now.

Society has changed. People consider – okay, I consider – it an imposition for you to knock on my door. I don’t have a No Solicitation sign on the door only because it is unattractive, but if I wanted to buy your product I would. I don’t.

That means I hardly open the door to anyone I don’t know. The only exception was the other day because the guy was dressed like a city worker. Stanley wanted to eat him. I quickly figured out that he was wearing a hard hat and a yellow vest as a costume and that he wanted to sell me a water system. He was the one who left first because he couldn’t be heard over Stanley’s barking.

Good boy.

Last Sunday, twenty-one people were standing in front of my house as one of them approached my door, rang the doorbell, then banged on the screen. Just picture what Stanley did. She didn’t leave right away, either. I didn’t open the door. I find it extremely hard to be rude to people, even if they want me to follow Jesus in their way or admit that I’m going to hell because I don’t. So, it’s better if I don’t engage at all.

After about five minutes of Stanley hysterics the woman left, rejoining the group in front of my house. They moved on to the next neighbor.

I can’t help but wonder if people actually get converts this way. What happens if someone opens the door and invites one of them in? Do the rest follow? Is this really the best use of their time?

Maybe some poor soul who is confined to his house will find the visit a blessing. As far as Stanley and me – we didn’t.