Today’s the Day!

It’s been eight weeks since I began the process of getting new dental implants. Last time, three weeks ago, I approved the final version of everything. They made sure it fastened to the original screws and the new screw. They measured. They gave me a mirror. Everything was cool.


Except that it had to go back to Florida to be finalized. It looked final to me. But, hey, what do I know?

The good thing about all these appointments is that Stanley got to go Doggy Day Care, find some four legged friends, and play.

Today I should get the final implant which means I don’t have to darken the dentist’s door for a very long time – I hope. As far as Stanley, he’ll still get to go back to Doggy Day Care periodically. Hey, you need to sniff derriere from time to time, right?

10 thoughts on “Today’s the Day!”

  1. Hi Karen
    I am surprised it took so long for your dental implants. On tv it says everything can be done in one day.
    Anyway, our dog, Jackson goes to a really excellent doggy day care. He plays outside with his doggy friends in the morning and afternoon. In between, because of his extreme anxiety, he has one on one time with one of the team members who successful and plays games with him. We were very lucky to find this wonderful place in Joppa, Maryland, close to where we live.
    Take care ,Karen.
    Best wishes,

    • I can’t imagine all that work only taking one day, seriously. In my case I had to have oral surgery so that took a few weeks to heal from. It’s been a pain, literally. 🙂

      That day care sounds wonderful.

  2. Well I don’t have to sniff derriere myself but I understand his need. One question what do you get from the tooth fairy if you put dental implants under a pillow?

    • Thank you, Rita. It’s over except for a follow up appointment. Now all I have to do is learn how to eat and talk again.

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