My Dry Spell is Over!

For the past several months I’ve been having a terrible time finding something that I wanted to read. I must’ve started 50 books and then put them down because they didn’t interest me. I’ve tried different genres, different authors. Everything, I think, except horror. I’m definitely not into horror. Or ghost stories.

The other night I decided to watch True Blood, the HBO series taken from the Sookie Stackhouse books. Here’s where I admit to being a wuss. I don’t like watching blood and gore. I have to close my eyes or turn away. I also don’t like watching sex. It embarrasses me and makes me feel like a voyeur. (I’d much rather imagine it.)

I got through one episode of True Blood. I couldn’t take any more of the blood and gore. There wasn’t anything else on TV that interested me, so I went to my IPad and pulled up the first of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books. I read that, then I jumped to another genre and read another book I’d downloaded but not yet read. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was off and running. I’ve gone through ten books since and have enjoyed myself thoroughly. Reading is so important to me that when I’m not reading it feels odd.

How about you? Have you ever been in a reading slump? How do you get out of it?

10 thoughts on “My Dry Spell is Over!”

  1. I joined my library’s book club . They have always turned me on to books that I am not usually aware of . We last read A Man Called Ove

  2. I can’t do blood and guts – in books or movies or TV or anywhere. It creates huge anxiety attacks.

    I have spells where no matter what I try, no book gets me interested. Generally not several months, but at times a week or two. That is when I pick up books I have loved. Books which make me laugh out loud. Old Julie Garwood and old Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It is like having sorbet to clear my palette. I need to do some laughing. Cause for me, most of the times that I can’t read, are because of some difficulty or drama which has appeared in life. Sometimes it takes a few of those books, but eventually I am back. I begin looking at books I have on the Kindle or on the shelves in my book room.

    I get several lists of books which are newly published. That helps to inspire me.

    But, if I am too brain dead to read, I simply can’t. Not even the old favorites.

    I am glad you are back into it. One of the things which are true, those of us who are addicted to books and reading, not being able to read is like needing water and being unable to drink.

    • This has been the longest I’ve gone without reading fiction. I was still reading non-fiction, but fiction? Nothing sounded interesting. Not even the old, beloved books. Thank heavens I’m past that.

  3. I fluctuate in my reading – I like to change genre – I go between historical, contemporary, suspense, some mystery, some paranormal (never horror!). I just like there to be some romance (generally).

    Late last year I read A Discovery of Witches series & then watched the first season on AMC. It’s got a lot of history in it, which I enjoy plus the suspense & romance. The show was filmed in wonderful locations (like Venice). I thought the filmed version really did well by the books, which doesn’t always happen.

    I had read the first book in the Outlander series, but couldn’t watch much of the filmed version – too much violence & blood for me. Perhaps because it seemed more real than a paranormal.

    • I always get ready for people to throw things at me when I say this: I read the first Outlander book but I couldn’t get into the series. I just couldn’t accept the premise, which is odd. I can believe in vampires, fairies, and werewolves before I can believe in time travel. Go figure. Time travel might be theoretically possible. The other? Not so much.

  4. Hi Karen, Love your books and your dog. Love Charlaine Harris’s books especially the Lily Bard series. True Blood was excellent but a little disappointing around the ending. It’s hard when you love an author and their character are so different in the books & onscreen. Loved Aurora Teagarden series of books show is so disappointing. I imagine it’s hard to turn your work over to somebody else’s version anyway love your work love your blog thanks for everything you do. Sincerely, Jackie

    • What a lovely comment! Thank you, Jackie.

      I haven’t read the Lily Bard series. I’ll put that on my list of stuff to read.

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