Snippets on a Hot Tamale Thursday

The heat is here in South Texas, y’all, but remember how I FROZE this past winter? I went out to the backyard, closed my eyes, stretched out my arms, and put my face up to the sun. Thank you, sun!

Have you ever heard Beethoven Silence by the composer Ernesto Cortazar? I stumbled onto it today and fell in love with it – so much so that I bought one of his albums. It is said that his inspiration was Beethoven’s eventual deafness.

I finished the revisions for one book this afternoon and sent it to my editor. My new project is finishing the revisions for a second book. It’s the second draft. As I’ve mentioned before the second draft is where the real work begins for me.

Stanley has decided that he doesn’t like me wearing lipstick. Normally, when I do we are on the way somewhere, but today I put it on then went to my office to work a little while. He jumped up on the chair and was insistent about sniffing this stuff. He was such a pain I had to put him down on the floor. I guess he’s an au naturale kind of guy.

Do you like beets? I have never been able to eat them because they taste like dirt to me. I got a delivery of veggies the other day and there was this brownish purple thing that was bigger than a grapefruit. It turned out to be a beet. I haven’t the slightest idea how to use it – other than as a doorstop. The thing weighs two pounds. I’m just now starting to eat okra. The only way I can tolerate it is if it’s roasted. It isn’t slimy that way. Any idea on the beet?

Off to feed the lipstick monster!

4 thoughts on “Snippets on a Hot Tamale Thursday”

  1. Ma’am, to me, beets do taste like dirt. And there were other things which were fed to me when I was too small to run away from home.

    I do not believe that even if I were unconscious and beets were in a drip going into my arm, I would not recognize the flavor and simply succumb to whatever illness I had.

  2. I buy canned pickled beets and love them. We have them as a side dish and I like them on my hamburgers. I’m not sure how you fix a fresh one. I’m sure you can find recipes on the internet.

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