My Twitter Adventure

Or where I let it all hang out and let you know how stupid I can be sometimes.

I don’t use Twitter anymore, but I thought it might be fun for Stanley to have his own account, so I signed him up for an account titled Stanley Says. I used a fake birthday for me. I always lie about my birthdate on the internet. I just do. It’s one of those security things I do.

So, the account was established and I published two Tweets from Stanley. The next day I looked at the account and saw that it listed my fake birthday publicly. Instead of changing the public options I decided to change the birthdate. So, I put in Stanley’s real birthday, May 1, 2016.

Twitter immediately locked my account.

Why? Because I was only two years old and they said I had to be 13.

Now this wouldn’t be a problem except that the only way to unlock my account was to send them proof of my real birthday. Except that I’d lied about that date.

By locking my account I’m also prevented from “seeing” any Twitter accounts I used to visit. I kept trying to log off, but it wouldn’t let me since I was locked out.

In order to view those Twitter accounts I liked, including a few doctors I follow, I signed up for a new Twitter account under my own name using my cell phone as an ID.

Bottom line, Stanley is still locked out of Twitter. 🙂 because he’s two.

Is that funny or what?

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  1. well I never trust dogs on twitter . They shed on the tweets 🙂 :0. But seriously if you get his account reopened . Let us know I will follow

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