Today I’m Grateful for…

…that warm fuzzy feeling you get when all’s right with the world.

It could either be the lull in the middle of the storm. Or it could be that you’ve acquired the patience to tolerate the stuff that you’re currently experiencing.

This morning Mr. Picky decided to eat his food but declined the use of the bathroom facilities outside. Consequently, he’s on his leash and is currently napping on my feet. I gave him a full body massage and told him that I thought he was wonderful anyway. Persnickety, but wonderful.

The world outside my house is muggy, making the leaves of the oak hang down listlessly outside my office window, creating an oasis of emerald green. The squirrel on the neighbor’s fence across the street is fussing at a friend. Maybe they went out for nuts last night and are just now getting home. Or, maybe the friend is the squirrel’s mate, asking why he’s just now scampering into their nest.

Off to work – have a lovely, lovely day. I’ll leave you with what my son and I say to each other every time we talk: “Something wonderful is going to happen to you today.” It makes you start to look for good stuff.

7 thoughts on “Today I’m Grateful for…”

  1. Hi Karen
    Wonderful reading today. We all need to stay positive. Wishing you a fabulous week😊🐕

  2. Love that saying! We just have to look for the positive each day. Often it’s in the little things. Hope your day was wonderful!

  3. Something wonderful does happen every day. If I am not looking up at the underside of dirt, it is a good day – right?

    Seriously, every day, twice a day, I say prayers, and I thank God for my blessings. I live with a roof over my head, I have food to eat, I have clothes to wear, I have Sonny, and although I am not ready to tap dance, I am relatively healthy.

    I do try to keep positive. Because I am prone in the other direction, the prayers of saying Thank You help me. They are reminders of where I am. At times, I find it difficult to focus on the good, but I work on it.

    Karen, I believe that you and John are ahead of the game. Reminders of the good stuff, is a blessing in and of itself.

    You have become a blessing to all of us who follow your posts.

  4. I love what your son says. Thanks for keeping us updated on Stanley,
    he is blessed to have your love!

    I’m thankful for my health, happiness, that God loves us
    just as we are!
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Karen,

      Happy to hear that you are okay. I seen that storms were headed your way yesterday.

      I don’t like it when it’s muggy outside. Makes me feel yucky.

      I like that saying. I think I will have to start using it. Thank you, Karen.

      Something Wonderful is going to happen to you today 😊

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