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Stanley and I did some errands this weekend. One of those was to the drive thru at the drug store. The pharmacist was so impressed by Silly Stanley that she gave him a collection of beef strips. He was in heaven.

“He’s so well behaved,” she said. “Look at how he’s just sitting there. That’s so cute.”

He no longer has his doggy carrier. Instead, I connect his harness or collar to the seat belt with an attachment made for that purpose. He sits on the passenger seat beside me. He jumps up in the car, climbs over the console, and sits and wait until I fasten his seat belt.

I wanted to tell her that a second before she noticed him he was whining loud enough to be heard over the music. He doesn’t like riding in the car, but he dislikes being left at home even more.

After his treat he stopped whining. 🙂

He is back to running outside first thing in the morning and doing his thing. Yesterday he even challenged something in the corner so I’m assuming his courage has returned from where it was vacationing. Stanley is a South Texas dog. Heat, no problem. Rain, shudder.

He is also eating like a horse, as long as it’s from his favorite red bowl. I have moved his bowl into my office. The kitchen still scares him a little. I have an indoor bug zapper in the corner of the breakfast nook because of the Season of the Gnats. When it went off a few times he jumped (every time). He does not like it – despite the fact that I don’t use it anymore because it scared him (and it’s been a month since I have).

I can only assume that his extreme caution is the reason he survived on the streets of San Antonio. For that I’m grateful even if it does take a few adjustments from time to time.

Silly boy.