Silly Stanley

Stanley is driving me nuts.

Some mornings he doesn’t care if it rained the night before and trots outside to do his thing.

Some mornings, like today, he has refused to go potty. He also refused to eat. Can I tell you how often he’s done that in the past three months? It’s being a picky eater, not being ill.

This morning I mixed his NEW weight loss canned food with some of his old kibble that he wasn’t touching. He picked around the kibble and refused to eat it. Okay, then.

I’ve taken him outside five times this morning, but he still hasn’t gone. There was a huge honkin’ spider web in front of the door – at least five by five feet. I knocked it down for him – a pretty big deal since I hate creepy crawlies. Didn’t matter. He still hasn’t gone. That means he’s on the leash. I have an Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Pee in the House.

I never know what’s going to set him off. Did something scare him in the back yard? Does he refuse to go on wet ground? Why today instead of yesterday? What’s with the food thing? Is it cold? Is it hot? Is it not mushed around in his bowl enough? I ended picking up his food, covering it with foil, and putting it in the refrigerator. An hour later I took it out, put a little hot water in it, and stirred it up. He ate most of it except for the kibble, like I mentioned.

It’s one thing to have a pickey eater. It’s another to have a pickey eater who also gets scared by weird things. Rolling my eyes and shaking my head (and he still hasn’t gone potty).

(The above image is Stanley deciding that he needs to be on my office chair so he can help me work.)

8 thoughts on “Silly Stanley”

  1. My son once watched the neighbor’s dog for the weekend. The dog didn’t do any business the entire weekend. Apparently, this wasn’t unusual. This particular dog missed his master when they went away and would refuse to go as a result.

    Dogs can be so quirky.

    • That makes me feel a little better. He finally consented to go out after the sun came out and dried up all the rain. After the successful outing he got his bone and oodles of praise. 🙂

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