I have sciatica that acts up about every ten days, especially if I exercise. I’ve been using the Cardio Strider for the past five years, but 60 – 90 minutes a day for the past four months. As certain as death and taxes here comes the sciatica.

I love this machine. It’s the only thing I’ve ever used that doesn’t stress my knees, but gives me a whole body workout.

However…I happened onto a video by two of my favorites the other day: Bob and Brad – physical therapists. I’d forgotten about some of the sciatica exercises I’d learned from my physical therapist. I started doing them the other day and voila! The pain was gone. I’m going to do them every day.

Hope this helps anyone suffering from sciatica. They have great videos about other stuff, too.

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  1. every once in a while my back seizes up – I don’t know if it would be called sciatica – back in high school I went to a chiropracter for a while – he said my hip bones weren’t aligned & that unevenness caused problems. Sometimes it seems just breathing can cause the problem, other times I think it’s due to more walking than usual or if I have to stand in one place (like in a line) for too long. Stretching it out is my best treatment – lying down or sitting too long is the worst thing I can do when I have the problem.

    • Sitting too long is a no no for sciatica, too, Diane. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to sit.

  2. Definitely going to try them out! My doc showed me one for stretching which helps alleviate that tightness in my butt first thing but it doesn’t help for pain later in the day when I feel like a lightning bolt is shooting to my big toe. Thanks Karen! xo

    • Honestly, Rita? Sciatica pales in comparison to gout. The gout pain was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced and I’m including surgery recovery and childbirth in that comparison. 🙂 Thank heavens I don’t have that anymore.

    • The first one without the pillows really helps me. I just have to remember to do it every day so I don’t get another “attack”.

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