Tuesday Snippets

I had a tremendously busy week last week and when I mean busy, I mean successfully busy, not one of those weeks where everything sucked because you couldn’t get anything done. I finished revising The Immersion Principle and put it back up on sale. It details a process I developed a long time ago to help me change things in my personal life. I’m currently using it again because I’ve drastically altered the way I’m eating.

This week I am doing the second draft of a book I just finished. It’s a story that absolutely fascinated me. I love when I get a plot in the middle of the night or the characters pop into my mind. This story unfolded for me as I wrote it. It’s unlike anything have written before, which means it’s a cross between a paranormal, a romance, and something else – maybe a mystery. The cast of characters are wonderful – at least in my humble opinion.

I’m trying to decide on a couple of strange things. One – videos. Yep, videos. As you know, I’m a card carrying introvert – except for this blog. However, I decided that it would be a good thing for me to venture out of my little shell. I have an intense dislike of Facebook, but I have signed up to mewe.com. I’d never heard of it before and know nothing about it. I have a Gab account and a Minds account but I hardly ever go there, let alone post. I don’t do anything on Twitter anymore and it’s funny because I’m blue checked on both Facebook and Twitter. Evidently, the checkmark is a big deal. Who knew? I’ll decide in a little while. Or you just might see a video from me.

Stanley has a new habit that he started last week when I was diligently glued to the monitor except for exercising an hour every day. He doesn’t necessarily want to take a nap, he just jumps up on my chair to be with me. I’ve started to give him full body massages so most of the time he wants a massage. He gets into position which is sprawled across my lap. When I finish on one side of his body he’ll flop over so I can get to the other side. I think I’ve created a monster.

I’m sending out some books this week – just to some random people. I’ll explain that later. So, if you get something in the mail, surprise!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Snippets”

  1. Those blue checks mean verified account so people know for sure they’re real and not copy cats. I think there’s a little more to it, but it’s great to have them.

  2. Your new book sounds very intriguing. Exciting! I hope you do a video, I think that would be wonderful Karen.

  3. 0h boy, I can not wait. Any books that you need a home for send my way. I love your books. They will be in my heart and in my book collection. I have not found any that I did not like.

  4. First of all, Stanley is no dummy. He knows a good thing when he feels one.

    Second, I was on Facebook and Twitter and am not now.

    I looked at MeWe. Thanks for spreading the knowledge. It appears to be kinder to the users and much less likely to do disgusting things with personal information.

    I am not certain I am cut out for social network sites. I believe I may be past my use by date when it comes to all those kinds of connections.

  5. I’ve discovered mewe too. A person was FB friends with invited me to a group she started for farmers and homesteaders. I don’t know much about it, but seems like an interesting site. I can’t blame Stanley for being addicted to full body massages. Sounds totally enjoyable. Lol

  6. I enjoy reading your posts, I’m always learning something new. Sounds like you have been busy. I cant wait to read your new book, it sounds intriguing.

  7. Have never heard of either place you mentioned.
    Do enjoy hearing about Stanley. We’re thinking of getting another rescue. It’s been almost a year since losing Tommy.
    Y’all have a great week….

    • Hi Karen.
      I’ve never heard of Mewe. Will have to check it out. I’m not social either, Facebook is enough to tolerate. Stanley is just adorable and enjoy hearing about him.

      Hugs to you both, 😊💝🌻

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