Isn’t This Interesting…

I stumbled onto this site this morning – Dollars for Docs. It tells you how much your doctor has “earned” from drug or device companies.

It listed my old doctor, the one I left because he kept prescribing brand new drugs that cost a fortune. Plus, every time I went to his office there was some kind of luncheon being sponsored by a drug company. He had pens, pads, timers, clip boards. You name the swag he had it.

He evidently had “earned” about $50,000 in the past three years.

Interesting, hmm? In other words, always listen to that still, small voice within you.

10 thoughts on “Isn’t This Interesting…”

  1. That is a lot of money. Branson did not like samples. He said it hurts the patient more than it helps. You give them samples and the samples would be high priced drugs, when cheaper drugs were available. The reps would only bring you the expensive drugs in the way of samples.

    • I looked up a few of my Drs.

      GYN: $11
      ENT: less than $500
      family dr: $1500
      Gastroenterologist: $3000
      Allergist: $15000–my meds haven’t changed

  2. I was told that whenever a medication was prescribed by a doctor, one should ask if she/he would prescribed it for a family member with the same condition/symptoms.

  3. My old dr received almost $8,000. He had me so overmedicated that I almost died. Was in ICU for 7 days. Really surprised he’s still in practice. 🤨😡 Saw a dentist on the list that was paid $215,000, so I guess it could have been worse. *eye roll*

  4. mine shows $3,233. he doesn’t push prescriptions, he actually reduced 2 of mine that were prescribed by a doc in the hospital. so I’m comfortable with this doc

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