And the Winners Are:

Yesterday I looked at the two boxes of books that won’t fit into my book storage unit and said to myself, “Honey chile, you need to send out more books, now!”

So, that’s why I asked for you to guess a number between 1-100.

The winning numbers are: (and the associated names)

97 – Terri S.

72 – Julie Sheppard

33 – Margie H.

If I’ve overlooked anyone who guessed the same number, please let me know.

If the winners would please send your physical address to me at, with WINNER in the subject line, I’ll send the books out next week. Oh, what did you win? My last two books: To Love a Duchess and To Wed an Heiress.

4 thoughts on “And the Winners Are:”

  1. Karen,

    What I nice surprise! I’m so excited about this giveaway. Couldn’t have come at a better time for me since I’m laid up due to shoulder surgery for another 4-6 wks. I’m going stir crazy and could use some great entertainment. Lol.

    Hope they got your road finished. The county finally got around to grading our dirt road. All the rain we have been having really destroyed it and was getting rough on our vehicles. Ugh. Have great week and weekend everyone.

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