It is to Laugh, Y’all

They are re-doing my street again. Yep. Again. The last time they did it was pre-2017 and Flash had a fit.

Stanley has taken up the role as Barker in Chief. It’s a tad difficult to think when all you can hear is row-ruff-row-row-row-urf-row for a few hours.

Yesterday they coated the street with oil which meant that the street was closed all day. No one could get to our houses. No Fed Ex. No UPS. No Amazon. No mail. No solicitors. No people telling me that I am not saved. Probably no stray dogs, either. Or dog walkers. No kitty cats crossing the street. No ATV riding idiot child. No chickens (yes, chickens). And remember the time we had a horse?

I guess this is my tax dollars at work, but I thought the street still looked pretty good. When I got the notice last week I thought it applied to other streets in the subdivision, not mine. Well, I was wrong. I should have figured that out when they painted the street in front of my house with a symbol. It probably stands for, “Weird writer here. Annoy her as much as you can.”

I’m off to go through my credenza drawers for those really big noise cancelling earphones I rarely wear in case they start up again today. Come to think of it, the last time I wore them was the last time they re-did the street.

But first…

Pick a number between 1 and 100 and put it in the comments, please. I’ll let you know why later today. 🙂

33 thoughts on “It is to Laugh, Y’all”

  1. Don’t you find that San Antonio is always doing/redoing streets, sidewalks etc? San Antonio is big on those middle lanes that run down the center separating the traffic directions. People actually use those middle lanes as turn lanes and they can get really backed up and I get that. Two years ago they decided on one of our streets by where I live to turn that lane into a turn lane but cutting off most of it so people couldn’t line up in the lane like they were doing. Also putting a concrete barrier so you couldn’t turn into a business from the other side. This was all a night mare. With the turn lane they figured out real quick it just made things way worse. People were backed up in that turn lane which caused cars coming up behind that needed to go straight in the 1st or 2nd lane unable to get into those lanes. So the City of San Antonio had them to go back out and fix it all back. I’m sometimes amazed at the money that is wasted.
    Crazy right?

    • I hope they finished with your street. We are getting a pot hole about 1/4 mi.from Rt.50E toward Bay Bridge( MD) Wonder when it will be fixed? A pot hole caused me a whole new tire this winter.
      Not relevant to your post but just had to write about it.

  2. I am so very sorry for your aggravation with the street noise that is upsetting Stanley and, therefore, causing even more noise. Hope you find your noise-canceling earphones. The number I pick is 70.

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