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This morning I just lost it.

I have been looking for my Crockpot since yesterday. It’s not in the pantry with the rest of the “occasional” appliances. It’s not in the cupboards. So I started prowling through the kitchen island.

I know I’ve been on a tear to give things to Salvation Army, but I got rid of the humongous Crockpot and saved the little round one for me. Except that it’s missing in action.

Cue the “lost it” part.

I realized that I needed to be more organized. I’ve started a new way of eating which has resulted in a complete lifestyle change – more cooking, more preparation – that sort of thing. Lots of spices. Nothing is arranged the way it should be.

This morning I started organizing the spices, then moved on to the pantry. I stopped myself from doing anything more because I hadn’t written yet. Job One is writing. However, the mystery is driving me nuts. I even went back to my last donation and checked the list to make sure the Crockpot wasn’t on it.

Is there such a thing as a Crockpot thief? Someone who crept into my house and only made off with a ten year old appliance?

I’m ready to ORGANIZE as soon as I hit my writing quota. That means under the sink, in the island, and all the cupboards again.

Who knows? I might even find the Crockpot.

Do you ever lose things like that?