4 thoughts on “Just Because It’s Spring”

  1. according to the cats Squirrels are the third most dangerous things in the back yard. Number 2 being rabbits and number 1 being the cats from next door. (ranked by how excited they get )

  2. Like you, I love the squirrels who live around me. At one time, there were palomino squirrels near me.

    And then there was the Terrorist Squirrel. She had half a tail. I believe she had teased some dog one too many times. She loved to tease my Boxers. She was a pro at saying “Nyah Nyah you can’t catch me.” She was right. They never stopped wanting to get her, but they never made it.

    One Saturday, she came down a tree, hopped on my flag pole and shredded the American Flag. I believe she was a terrorist in a fur suit.

    Alas, she is no longer around. But, many of her children are here. I can recognize them. They are talkers and runners and jumpers and chasers. In other words, they are all squirrels who want to have fun.

  3. We have squirrels all the time. In fact I saw one full length on our
    cylindrical bird feeder 3 times the other day. We had to move the feeder to keep him from getting
    on it. They are really sly critters.

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