New (Continuing?) Amazon Ears

Have you read this article, or one like it? Basically, it mentions the team at Amazon that listens to recordings made by Alexa. We all knew it was going on. After all, “Alexa” is the wake word. How is Alexa going to respond, unless it’s listening for the wake word? It can’t. Consequently, it listens all the time.

A few months ago I got rid of Alexa and then resurrected the units in my bedroom and kitchen. Yesterday I de-selected them, tossed them in the trash, and took the trash to the curb where the big yellow truck trundled them off to the landfill.

Sorry, Amazon, you’re not listening to me anymore.

I am invested in the Amazon “system,” just like I’m invested in the Apple ecosytem. I have Apple everything, but Apple doesn’t spy on me. (I don’t have their in-home speaker similar to Alexa, though.) I thought about getting rid of Amazon Prime, but I decided to keep it since it’s convenient for me. I am reducing my participation in other Amazon products, however. My website is no longer backed up to Amazon’s web system. I’ve duplicated all my music from Amazon Music. In other words, I’m chopping off Amazon’s tentacles little by little.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

6 thoughts on “New (Continuing?) Amazon Ears”

  1. Well I’ve never had Alexa or a similar listening device.

    But, I am an Amazon Prime member and I do a lot of business at Amazon. Especially Prime Delivery. It makes things super easy for me so I don’t have to go to the store; plus they have absolutely everything. Sorry that y’all don’t care for it but I’m happy as can be. If a pair of shoes that I want are out of the color or size I want at Nordstrom I know all I have to do is see if Amazon carries it. 99.9% of the time they do and it’s not higher than the department store version.

  2. I won one a while back but never connected it lol. I do know my one daughter has one but all they’re going to hear is my 19 month old grandson babbling away lol

  3. I have NEVER bought into Amazon! I’m not surprised they are listening in. I have never felt it was in my best interest. I got my first inkling when they made books offered by them propriotal with their mobi format long ago. They finally HAD to release it to everyone but it was under duress! It want’s to monopolize your dollars and make you completely dependant on them…I saw that early on and chose NOT to give them my dollars unless I have no choice. I am NOT part of prime and will choose others over them. I believe in variety/options in the marketplace to keep prices lower. I sometimes pay for my ideals but there it is. … Off my Amazon soapbox now, lol

    Oh and when our son got a voice activated Xbox we told him he had to TURN IT OFF when he was done playing. We didn’t want it “listening in” on us either!

  4. Congratulations! I am so proud of you. I,too, want to escape Amazon’s grip. I also want to drop facebook.
    It’s a hard decision since it is the easiest way for my progeny tote in contact. I want to do it thoroughly.
    Do you have any suggestions before I start the process? And they think Washington has spies…now WE’VE

  5. I am so sorry. But, no one should be surprised that they listen. Amazon and Facebook and Google and Apple have all made their money by selling things. And in order to have their tentacles on the pulse of America and the world, they have sucked up every bit of available or unavailable information.

    I would like to believe that this newest knowledge will make people do what you have done. But, I will not hold my breath. Doing business is so easy now. Look online, click and whoosh, we have what we want. Why would anyone let a tiny thing like people listening in to our lives stop us? I mean these are the same people who post what they eat for lunch. A little listening is not going to change things.

    I know. I am cynical. But, we have become a population which is very different.

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