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Have you read this article, or one like it? Basically, it mentions the team at Amazon that listens to recordings made by Alexa. We all knew it was going on. After all, “Alexa” is the wake word. How is Alexa going to respond, unless it’s listening for the wake word? It can’t. Consequently, it listens all the time.

A few months ago I got rid of Alexa and then resurrected the units in my bedroom and kitchen. Yesterday I de-selected them, tossed them in the trash, and took the trash to the curb where the big yellow truck trundled them off to the landfill.

Sorry, Amazon, you’re not listening to me anymore.

I am invested in the Amazon “system,” just like I’m invested in the Apple ecosytem. I have Apple everything, but Apple doesn’t spy on me. (I don’t have their in-home speaker similar to Alexa, though.) I thought about getting rid of Amazon Prime, but I decided to keep it since it’s convenient for me. I am reducing my participation in other Amazon products, however. My website is no longer backed up to Amazon’s web system. I’ve duplicated all my music from Amazon Music. In other words, I’m chopping off Amazon’s tentacles little by little.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.