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You can tell it’s spring in South Texas because the doves are cooing like mad in the morning.

Last night Stanley went out around 8:30 PM and was annoyed by a cat. I couldn’t hear his cacophony for the tree frogs. Those suckers can get loud – louder than Stanley, which is saying something. (By the way, I found a treat Stanley adores: kale chips. According to his vet they’re safe to give him, so every other day Stanley gets kale chips. Who knew?)

The cacti are having babies, especially the one in the backyard. And the odd looking bush in my front yard – I haven’t the slightest idea what it is – has streams of lush peppery smelling coral blossoms.

The oak tree has finally stopped depositing that yellow/brown flower dust that gets over everything. This morning alone I counted five squirrels scampering on the branches. I think they’re waiting for the acorns.

Thankfully, there are no baby varmints in the attic, due to the varmint guy putting sheet metal all around the base of the chimney. Hopefully, they don’t find another way inside.

How about your neck of the woods? Are things growing like mad? How about tree frogs – do you have them?