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Remember the story behind the cover for To Bed the Bride? It’s here. Well, the final cover is out.

I rarely come up with titles for my contract books. So far it’s only been three of them: Tapestry, My Beloved, and In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams. Add To Bed the Bride to that list. I was writing along one day and it just occurred to me. Luckily, it sailed through the Cover Conference, so all was copacetic.

There are always changes in the editorial process. Sometimes you see them. Most of the time you don’t. For example, in To Wed An Heiress, Lennox’s name was changed from Ross because Ross was used for a character in an earlier book. (I never remember characters from book to book. Each book is a new world.)The Texan Duke was originally The American Duke. Everything about To Bed the Bride is the same – so far. 🙂

I’ll be posting an excerpt shortly.