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The other day I was watching something on YouTube pertaining to morbid obesity. Yep, I’m absolutely fascinated by food addiction. Or maybe the way people handle it. Bottom line, in most cases it’s not being handled, in my humble opinion.

Unfortunately, I know something about addictions. I’m fortunate in that I don’t have a food addiction. However, I have screwed up my own health in an effort to lose weight. I engaged in intermittent fasting for three months. I would fast from Monday to Friday, then eat 1200 calories on Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t find it difficult at all. However, I was drinking copious amounts of coffee. What was the result? Not as much weight loss as I would have liked. But…I gave myself gout and acid reflux. Not a smart thing to do. I’m still paying for it two years later.

I took the above image from one of the videos I was watching. It haunts me. I guess I never thought about your skeleton remaining the same when you gain weight. Evidently, you can damage yourself even doing low impact exercise if you’re significantly overweight. You can destroy your knees or your back. Even walking can be dangerous. (I immediately thought of The Biggest Loser.)

I think the Healthy At Any Size movement might need to re-evaluate their stance. I know I’ve certainly changed how I do things. (Plus, I stay very far away from low carb/paleo/keto diets.)

How about you? Is that image as jarring to you as it was to me? Have you ever done something idiotic in the quest to lose weight (like me)?