Spoiled? Maybe. Frustrated? Definitely!

My internet has been wonky for the past two weeks. That wouldn’t be a big thing except that everything I do relates either to the cloud or to cloud based systems.

I can access files just fine, because they’re stored on a local backup, but if I change anything, that change isn’t recorded. So when I’m writing I can save a manuscript to a local drive, but if I go to any other computer I can’t access it.

Trust me, all of that sucks.

My cellular and data plan saved me. At least I could get to my email on my phone. I have to say, however, that the experience of watching TV not on a 60″ screen but a 6″ screen was a trip. 🙂

Friday I was down more than I was up. Saturday I was down all day. Sunday morning same thing. It finally decided to come back up on Sunday afternoon. I got a call from my internet provider and they promised me it was all fixed. By that time I had a healthy appreciation for how much my life depends on the internet.

How about you? Would you be dead in the water without the internet?

2 thoughts on “Spoiled? Maybe. Frustrated? Definitely!”

  1. I have a theory, the internet is an addiction. It has sucked us in and now if we do not face our internet connection on a daily basis, it will punish us.

    And yes, every time I feel superior and think I could get by just fine without the internet, something happens and I am brought back to reality.

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