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I saw this the other day and just laughed. Stanley has a super duper tag that says he’s Stanley Ranney, where he lives, and my phone number. Plus, he has his chip tag, the rabies tag, and the number of his vet. He’s covered.

It’s available on Etsy, from EastcoastEngraving.

I like this one, too:

Stanley has an appointment with our super duper vet this Friday. It’s his annual checkup plus anal glands and nails. Stanley can go a month without needing help, but after that his little glands fill up. I suspect I need to learn how to do that.

I know Toni does it for her dog, Daisy. Anyone else? Any pointers you’d like to pass along? I’m going to watch a few YouTube videos then ask Dr. S. for advice, too.

I’m very happy with Stanley’s acceptance of his bed beside my bed. He cuddles there every night, stretches out, and looks totally happy. If I happen to get up in the middle of the night he will follow me into the bathroom, just in case I have a secret door there and plan to leave him alone. At least I know where he is at all times.

The oak tree in front of my house is having flowers. I had to look up what that strange ochre colored stuff was all over my yard, roof, and driveway. It even blows into the backyard. Evidently, a 20 + year old tree will flower. Next will come a hailstorm of acorns. The squirrels love my yard. Stanley has never experienced the spring influx of squirrels. I anticipate much barking and hysteria.

Because of where my house is located – directly across from the mail center – and because I park my car in the garage, my driveway is used as a turnaround. It annoys me no end because I get tire marks all over the drive, plus every time someone pulls in they set off my security camera, especially in the middle of the night. I wish there was something I could do to discourage them, but I think it’s a lost cause. Any lost causes in your neighborhood?

My neighbor came over the other day. This is the neighbor who moved in two years ago and who has come to my house on numerous occasions. I think she’s adopted me. She “worries” about me. If I leave a box on my doorstep longer than an hour she’ll ring the doorbell to make sure I’m all right. She always stares at Stanley likes he’s Demon Dog because he goes nuts when she comes to the door. She wanted to let me know that I left the garage door open one day – which I knew because I’d done it on purpose. She checked on me to make sure I knew that I’d left my garbage can out one day later than normal – which I did on purpose because the city was coming to exchange it. In short, the woman is driving me mad. I wish she’d find someone else to adopt. Or work on her yard. Do you have any neighbors like that?

Stanley has just crawled up on my lap, a sure sign that it’s nap time. I’ll have to rearrange the keyboard, scoot over a little, and angle my body a certain way, just to make sure he’s comfy. Not that he’s spoiled or anything.

Off to work again – have a lovely April 1st!