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…dogs, who make our lives better.

As I was typing that, Stanley, jumped up on my chair just to make sure I was working.

This morning we had the usual nap after I exercised. I tried, I really did, to stay awake, but I gave up. This afternoon I was reading and he jumped up on my chair, got comfy and napped for an hour while I read.

I’m so grateful that Stanley came into my life. I read something recently that perfectly epitomized how I initially felt. The woman wrote that she needed a distraction to take her mind off how miserable her life was. You have to have a schedule with dogs. You have to feed them at a certain time, play with them, exercise them, and adjust to their needs. The act of having to tend to another creature pulls you out of yourself. Flash did that for me. So has Stanley.

The other day I turned off the ceiling fan in the bedroom. He barked at it for five minutes. When I started it up again a few hours later he barked at it some more. He doesn’t like mechanical things, as I’ve mentioned. The blender is a monster. So, too, the hand held blender. He hasn’t had a fit with the Keurig, though. Maybe it’s just the motor sounds of the other appliances.

The Kong cheese spray that I put into his Kong bone made a sputtering sound the other day. He ran from it like it was the devil himself. Now when I use it, he retreats into the dining room and growls.

Something else I read the other day resonated with me. Be thankful for gifts, however temporary they might be. In the case of animals, we know we’ll outlive most of them. When we take one into our lives there’s always a hint of loss and pain out there in the future. I would rather endure the pain than not have Flash and now Stanley in my life. True, furry gifts.