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I talk to my dogs. In fact, I have long conversations with my dogs.

We discuss books, manuscripts, the wind, their habits, and sometimes people. Occasionally, we opine about politics.

Flash was the brilliant, silent type. He nodded sagely from time to time. Lovey, pre-Flash, was more a leaner than a talker. Whenever I talked to Lovey she came and leaned against me. My first dog as an adult, Lawana, was a terrier/chihuahua who always came and sat on my lap to stare at me as I was talking, almost as if she was trying to understand each word.

Stanley is a growling, barky listener. He has a lot of comments to offer. He knows time, too. Whenever 10:00 AM rolls around he comes to me and barks. It’s time for his B.O.N.E. now, please. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. He will interrupt to tell me that I’ve messed up. It’s 10. Where’s the bone?

According to this website: https://www.indy100.com/article/talking-pets-more-intelligent-dog-cat-objects-7666431 people who talk to their dogs are incredibly intelligent. Who knew?

How about you? Do you talk to your dogs/cats/gerbils/rabbits?