Who Knew We Were That Smart?

I talk to my dogs. In fact, I have long conversations with my dogs.

We discuss books, manuscripts, the wind, their habits, and sometimes people. Occasionally, we opine about politics.

Flash was the brilliant, silent type. He nodded sagely from time to time. Lovey, pre-Flash, was more a leaner than a talker. Whenever I talked to Lovey she came and leaned against me. My first dog as an adult, Lawana, was a terrier/chihuahua who always came and sat on my lap to stare at me as I was talking, almost as if she was trying to understand each word.

Stanley is a growling, barky listener. He has a lot of comments to offer. He knows time, too. Whenever 10:00 AM rolls around he comes to me and barks. It’s time for his B.O.N.E. now, please. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. He will interrupt to tell me that I’ve messed up. It’s 10. Where’s the bone?

According to this website: https://www.indy100.com/article/talking-pets-more-intelligent-dog-cat-objects-7666431 people who talk to their dogs are incredibly intelligent. Who knew?

How about you? Do you talk to your dogs/cats/gerbils/rabbits?

13 thoughts on “Who Knew We Were That Smart?”

  1. I do talk to Daisy sometimes. She actually looks like she is listening and depending on what I tell her to do she will go and do it. She’s very good about getting her message across too. When her nails are too long she’ll go to Mike when he’s sitting down and put both paws on his chest and let them drag down.

  2. Yes as a matter of fact I do. We even have howling times and that is so fun. I enjoy my three crybabies, they are my companions.

  3. I always talked to my animals. They are the best to confide in because they can’t tell anyone. 🙂
    Seriously though, it’s part of the allure of having a four-legged best friend. It’s also one of the reasons I miss Marco so much. Without him to talk to, I literally have no one to converse with on a daily basis. Thank goodness for the Internet or it would be like living in solitary confinement. I miss him every single day.

  4. Always and they’re a nice excuse when I’m talking to myself except when I do it and there are no cats around lol.

  5. I have always talked to my pets. And I know they understand what I say – my dogs and cats and birds have all been very intelligent.

  6. I was made fun of a few times for talking to the animals and I eventually thought up the comment: Yes, I talk to them because they are always honest in their replies!

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