In Which I Confess to Being Shallow

Just as an aside – my WordPress theme had a major update yesterday. Ever since I haven’t been able to write a blog post in the “normal” way. I’ve had to go back to the old way of doing things, so hopefully that remains up and running while they track down the current problem.

Now back to the post…

Last night, in one of my fits of insomnia, I started watching a show that was touted as one of NBC’s new popular series. “Wildly popular” is the term the marketing people used. I frankly suffered through the first episode, made it through the second, skipped the third and fourth, then found an online site that would give me a synopsis of all the remaining episodes.

I found the acting truly awful, but the writing was sucky, too. But what distracted me the most – and the reason for the post’s title – were the main character’s eyebrows. Yep, eyebrows.

Every time there was a break in the scene I was yelling at the screen, “Pluck your damn eyebrows!” No kidding. They were doing something to me. Even Stanley noticed. I realize the sheer shallowness of my occupation with her eyebrows. I tried to distract myself. Whenever the character came on screen I’d look away. The bad acting forced me to look in her direction from time to time, however, when I said such things as, “Are you freaking kidding me?”

I gave up, finally. I couldn’t subject myself to that torture anymore. It was honestly a cross between the eyebrows and the acting. Or maybe the writing.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever been distracted by a physical characteristic of an actor?

10 thoughts on “In Which I Confess to Being Shallow”

  1. ROFL! Eyebrows can be the most distracting feature ever. Where someone like Dwayne Johnson can lift a brow and you just want to smile and sigh, someone else can have eyebrows so annoying they seem to dance around on their own. When this happens, you become so caught up in watching the eyebrows you lose sight of everything else.
    Not shallow just a misfortune of circumstance. And what gets me most is the owners of the brows think they look amazing. 😂

    • I think the eyebrow fixation is more my problem than hers. She seems blissfully happy with her caterpillars. 🙂

  2. OK – no idea what show you are talking about. You are making me curious. But, then I do not watch a lot of TV anymore. And there is only one new show I watch. The rest of them seem to be the same thing over and over with different faces on people with really good hair, but no acting talent. I am not a fan of TV or movies – most stuff is derivative and since they no longer hire people who can write, not much to see. Unless one is discussing reality garbage – you know the “oh we are so real, and I know that because during rehearsal they told me so”.

    Yes, sort of, there were two different actors who were stars of series – for years. Both of them had similar physical movements. They would tilt their head sideways… sort of at an angle…and it got to the point I wanted to slap them.

    I don’t know if both of them believed it made them look better (it didn’t) . But, nearly every scene, they would stand and have their head tilted. I stopped watching both shows because for me it was so distracting. And the shows were police shows. I love police shows.

    • I love police shows, too. I did stop watching Live PD, however. It was the same cast of characters every show. People who didn’t drive with licenses, who were stoned or drunk, or just combative. I’d like a better look at my fellow man from time to time.

      I thought we were on the cusp of the golden age of television. There were so many interesting series with a wild, exciting premise. However, I’m afraid political correctness has struck again. If you strive to the nth degree to not offend anyone, all you produce is pablum.

      I am watching two series now, that I watched when they were first aired ten years ago. In fact, most of what I watch is really old. (Although I’m but a Dewy Blossom in the Garden of Life. 🙂 )

  3. As a matter of fact just yesterday it was eyebrows for me too. It was someone giving an interview on a news channel and I have no remembrance of who it was or what she was talking about because of her eyebrows. The kind that all her original eyebrows were shaved off and great, big and long, dark eyebrows were in their place instead. I didn’t think anyone did that anymore. Twas a horrible sight!

  4. I think I know what program you are talking about because I thought the same thing. Those eyebrows are so very distracting and so unattractive.

    • I used to work with this darling girl. She was the cutest thing – with one problem. She had a mustache. I never understood how she could look in the mirror and not SEE that mustache. I think we all see what we want to see. I think the eyebrow girl is the same situation.

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