Contests, Drawings, and Me

I can’t tell a lie. The past few weeks have been mucho strange. My schedules have gone to hell in a handbasket (I must look up the origin of that saying). I haven’t mailed out the books/CDs as fast as I wanted.

So, this week I’ve really gotten after myself. I’ve rid my desk of piles and piles of books. I think I’ve sent out about 34 packages of goodies.


I had to open the last few envelopes to make sure I signed the books or included a nameplate in the case of the CDs. I also did something else strange. I sent out books without telling people as well as CDs – when I realized I had some extra copies. Consequently, some of you are going to get a surprise package from me. Surprise! (And do let me know if your book isn’t signed.)

8 thoughts on “Contests, Drawings, and Me”

  1. I don’t know how accurate it is but one the nuns told us when we were kids it was a plainer way of saying the devil would carry you to heaven in cart meaning you’d be dragged to hell by the demons not heaven by the angels. I remember she had a painting that illustrated it. Never knew the origin though.

    Congrats to everyone getting goodies from Karen. 😊

  2. If you ever do find the origin of the “hell in a hand basket” sayin, please post it. I have been known to use it occasionally.

  3. I agree to all the previous comments and WOW!, what a surprise to receive in the mail. Good luck to everyone, but I do hope I am one of the lucky ones. BG

  4. LOL – I am sorry to laugh (not really). Forgetting to do things – yup – me too. I send cards to some friends and family every now and then. Just cause. And I sometimes put in little things they would like. Hate to tell you how many times I get ready to put the group of cards in the mail box and see some little treasure sitting there on my desk.

    So, Karen, you are a wonderful person, but in some teensy ways, you are just like the rest of us.

    You are kind and thoughtful and talented. But every now and then, you lose your cyborg skills and revert to being simply human…..Not a bad thing to be.


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