Man Bites Dog, Sort of

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Unfortunately, this happened in San Antonio. Lord love a duck.

There have always been jokes about mailmen and dogs. Dogs are portrayed as hating mailmen. It’s easy to understand. A stranger is coming to the house. Full alert! 

A San Antonio mailmen, however, decided to be proactive. He went to one house, where the dog was behind a fence, in the backyard. Then he went out of his way to pepper spray the poor dog who wasn’t posing a threat to him. Evidently, he didn’t realize that he was being captured on home video.

The owner is justifiably angry. Can you imagine? I would be foaming at the mouth.

Here’s a thoroughly idiotic quote from the U.S. Postal Service featured in Fares Sabawi’s article in  (Inconvenience? Really? Rolling my eyes a whole bunch.)

In a statement, a U.S. Postal Service official said they are working to “gather additional details about this incident.”
“Based upon our findings, appropriate corrective action will be taken,” the official said in the statement.
Mail carriers are equipped with a plant-based repellent, the official confirmed, but they “are always instructed to only use the deterrent with great discretion.”
“We apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused our customer,” the official said.

10 thoughts on “Man Bites Dog, Sort of”

  1. Had I ever caught a mailman doing that to Marco, keeping his job would’ve been the least of his worries. What a son of a you know what!
    Dogs don’t automatically hate mail people. If they are friendly to dogs, the dog will be friendly to them. Many of my dogs loved the mail people. They saw them as someone who visited every day. I did have one who used to destroy the mail every time it was delivered through the slot because one time, and it only takes one time, a mailman swung his mailbag at him. This was a little dog! The guy didn’t like dogs and so that little dog wanted to tear any person with any kind of satchel a new one.

  2. Sounds like animal abuse based on what little we knew. He took advantage of having the spray. If the dog was secure behind a fence, how was the carrier in danger?

    • He wasn’t, which is why this is so awful. He went out of his way to spray that poor dog. It’s not like they have hands to wipe the spray away. Or have access to a hose to wash it away.

  3. Back when I had 3 elderly Boxers living with me, they were all stretched out in front of the glass storm door dozing and enjoying the sunshine.

    A female substitute carrier came to deliver mail. The dogs were startled, all barked once and then stopped.

    She did not deliver my mail, and went to the main post office and reported that the dogs were vicious and we should no longer get our mail delivered.

    I called, explained the situation and our regular carrier also described the dogs and their normal behavior.

    The dogs were on the inside, she was on the outside and none of them tried to get to her.

    I think she should have gotten an inside job….you know the one where she works at a post office and refuses to wait on customers in line.

    • What is wrong with people? Sometimes, you can only shake your head.

      I will do almost anything to avoid going to the post office, including asking my son to go for me. 🙂

  4. Some people just should not be mail carriers. We had one that gave our dog a small biscuit – loved that mail carrier. Then the next one sprayed our nonthreatening, tail-wagging dog with pepper spray. She only wanted to greet her friend who gave out biscuits.

    • That’s just animal cruelty as far as I’m concerned. Your dog wasn’t doing anything. Jeesh.

  5. I heard about that and your right the post office comment leads me to believe they will do nothing.

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