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I mean, it does absolutely no good to talk about the weather, does it? All you do is annoy other people.Β 

However, y’all, we are in a very weird place in San Antonio today. It is 31 degrees. 31! The high today is supposed to be 38. The normal high for this time of year is 71. The record low has already been hit – this morning – with a balmy 26 degrees.

No, just no.

I put up all my sweaters last week when the temperature hit 88. The weather forecast was for 70-ish temps for here on out. Except…something happened. Old Man Winter blew his breath in our direction. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as cold.

I have retreated to the back since my office is just too cold.

If you’re hot you can take off your clothes. If you’re cold your only hope is to grab a blankee and a nice warm, furry Stanley.