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Stanley did something the other day when my son was here that just fascinated me. John and I stood there watching him in absolute amazement.
A squirrel popped up to the top of the fence and sat there on the ledge watching Stanley. He went into retriever mode.  His body stiffened. His tail curled. His back foot halted in the act of lifting. He was Statue Dog.
The squirrel locked eyes with him and stared. Stanley stared back. Neither one of them moved for three solid minutes. I know, because I kept looking at the clock. Finally, the squirrel moved and Stanley went after him in an explosion of fury.
I’ve seen him do that occasionally. He goes on point, just like a retriever. None of my research into terriers discusses that kind of behavior so I guess I’ll just have to add that to the other odd things Stanley does.
Do your pets do things out of character for their breed?