Lusting in My Heart

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I’ve admitted, many times, then I’m a gadget girl. I am also a technology maven. Put the two together, and I’m in heaven. However, lots of the stuff that fascinates me is also way beyond my price range.
Case in point: the new Omron watch.
Omron makes blood pressure monitors. They’re good, too. At least, as far as I’m concerned. I use a wrist monitor of theirs that I always take to my doctor to ensure that it’s getting the same reading as their machine. It’s almost always exactly right.
Lots of wrist monitors aren’t very accurate, but the Omron is, so when I heard that they were coming out with a watch that also measured your blood pressure, I was excited. Boy, wouldn’t it be cool not to have to remove my Fitbit and just take my blood pressure on the fly?
I’ve done some research on the subject. Apple has applied for a patent, I think, that will allow their watch to calculate blood pressure based on the amount of time between when your heart beats and a pulse is registered on your wrist. It’s a slightly different way of measuring blood pressure since it doesn’t use the current technology of stopping the blood flow (which is why you have a pressure cuff). I think it sounds more than plausible.
Until then, however, Omron uses the pressure cuff technology. Their watch has a wristband that actually expands when you take your reading. It comes with two additional bands when you buy the unit, just in case you need them. It also measures steps, heart rate, and sleep.
The only problem is that it costs $499.
It’s in the same price range as an Apple Watch, so it’s not hugely expensive, but it’s primarily to take your blood pressure. I’ve looked everywhere for something like that, but I’m not prepared to spend that kind of money. I should hint to Santa Clause. Maybe Saint Patrick, the Easter Bunny, and a few others along the way. 🙂
Here’s the link to the Omron site:



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