Today I’m Grateful for…

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…my morning nap with Stanley.


I have changed my schedule in the last couple of months. Because I wasn’t hitting my exercise goal every day, I started working out first thing in the morning. I wake up, take Stanley out and feed him, get dressed, and then we head for the gym. I exercise while he chews on his rubber Kong bone into which I have squeezed a little cheese. (Now you know why he might gain weight.)
Then we go into my office where I start to work.
Remember the table idea I had? I bought a small table with 103 pieces that was an absolute bear to put together. I put it beside my recliner and put a cushion on it, thinking that Stanley would sit there while I worked. He likes to have body to body contact, however, so the idea didn’t work.
For little while he sleeps at my feet, then he comes to sit beside the chair and whines. I am a sucker for Stanley’s whine. I elevate the foot of my recliner and he jumps up on the left arm, walks across me to get to the right arm, and gets into the position. What happens next is both funny and sweet. He sits there for a moment then falls back. It reminds me of one of those trust exercises that you see in team bonding. He just falls back and lands on me. Within seconds, he is comfy, his head tucked under my chin, his nose next to my neck. A few more seconds and he’s asleep.
I defy anyone to stay awake when they have a soft, warm, smushy doggy on their chest. He’s like a sleeping pill. I try to fight off the effects. I really do. Then I rationalize that I’ve been exercising for an hour and I worked for a little while. Surely I can take a few minutes. We snooze there together with the doves cooing outside.
It’s the loveliest break in my morning.

10 thoughts on “Today I’m Grateful for…”

  1. That is just precious Karen. Doesn’t it feel great to have someone, yes I said someone, for you to be their whole world? It’s a wonderful feeling. Our Daisy is needy too, she is so spoiled and she falls like that on Mike in bed. She also snuggles under his chin and he is the only one that she gives kisses too.

    This morning before going in to work I watched the preview of the Best In Belly Rubs. So adorable!

    I wish I had your constitution to make sure I exercise. This week I was at home for three days due to Bronchitis.

    Have a great night!

  2. Ma’am, I am so glad that the two of you found one another. And the trust thing, of course he trusts you. You are his world.

    Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.

  3. Every time that Rupert jumps into my lap while I’m watching TV I fall to sleep right along with him. I now must record the shows I’m watching so that I can see the conclusions the next day.

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