The Weirdness of Me, Part ?

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When I finish a major book I go into several different modes. The first is the Oh my gosh my brain is tired do I really have to do anything intelligent for a little while? Television features prominently in that mode.

Then I segue into the organizational mode. I plot out the next year. I figure out what I want to write, where it fits into my overall plan, and current contracts, and get the whole schedule worked out.

I have an idea for a new book and a novella that I really want to write.

The last stage, prior to beginning a new project is the Clean everything you can think of, even those things that really don’t matter. This might be thought of as the most dangerous stage. If I get too involve in cleaning I can revert to the Exhaustion or the Planning mode.

I’m currently in the Cleaning Mode, heaven help me.

I’ve been going through all the draft posts I have up on my blog. There are currently 97 draft posts. I doubt that I will publish more than ten of those. I get a wild idea and write it, but between the idea and its execution I’ll change my mind. Plus, I constantly edit myself. There are things happening in our world that make me sick to my stomach. I’m terrified at the precedent they set, yet you don’t come here for political or cultural speak. I like to think that this is a mini-oasis from the world around us.

I found a bunch of posts referencing Flash the Wonder Pooch. That’s how long some of them have been there. I was so blessed to have him in my life. I wish he could have been healthier. I certainly tried to make him happy. I think he and Lord Stanley would have been great buddies.

I’ve cleaned my office, which mainly consists of asking myself these questions: Why did you put this here? Why didn’t you put this up? Or why did you buy two dozen of these? (I confess to having a pack rat mentality that I’m trying to stop.)

The top of my desk looks great and I congratulate myself whenever I walk into my office.

I’ve even cleaned the pantry, the refrigerator, and the cupboards. I am edging toward the master bedroom closet, but that is a scary, scary place.

How about you? When you finish something major do you have a routine you follow? What does your master bedroom closet look like? (Mine is kinda/sorta a disaster.)




6 thoughts on “The Weirdness of Me, Part ?”

  1. I like everything neat and tidy so I keep up with cleaning. I don’t like clutter so I donate or throw away things I no longer use. I reorganized my closet a couple of weeks ago.

  2. I leave the cleaning of my master closet to when I am having important dinner company. You never know know if they want to take a peek in there.

  3. I organized my closet a while back. It could probably use retouching. I’m expecting some organizational containers today so I can tackle my pantry.

    Congratulations on finishing the book.

  4. I am old and no longer do anything important.

    But, I do get on spurts of cleaning, straightening and moving. And I too have to stop gathering things around me…..I think it is some sort of mental illness.

    I cleaned out and straightened out my pantry. I got some new containers to store cereal and stuff.

    When I got to arranging canned goods…..I realized that I have gone crazy. I have enough canned corn to feed thousands. I go to the store and think I must need veggies…and I love corn …so.

    I once did that with Christmas cards. Yes, I still send cards. I would buy them after Christmas when I got wonderful bargains. And I stored them in different places. One year I found that I could send a card to everyone in the state of Texas, or just to members of my family.

    So, I think everyone pretty much has some sort of gene which at times makes us a little nuts.

  5. I don’t follow a plan, I am lazy. My husband and I just moved (downsized) into a smaller home. We had lived in our old home for nearly 13 years and I am not too good at periodic cleanouts. So, this was a MAJOR one! I have felt the necessity to touch every item and decide if I really need it, is it a duplicate, or am I tired of it, blah, blah, blah. I have found that once I get started I am able to give things up more readily. I have tried to remain in the mindset and so far it seems to be working. I just keep telling myself – we decided to downsize for a reason, does this contribute to the “cause”? I am coming to realize that change is a good thing for many reasons. My master bedroom closet looks pretty good as a result of the move (at least my side does!).


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