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Texas is huge, as you know. We have several climate regions. We have blizzards in the panhandle and snow in various places. However, we do not have much of a winter in San Antonio.

I have, in various books, described San Antonio as the belly of Texas. It might even be considered the nether region. We’re protected from violent weather that hits the coast by being inland. We aren’t in Tornado Alley. We have all the best weather, never mind that it gets to be 100 degrees in the summer. Several areas in the country that freeze in the winter also get summer scorchers.

This year we had 50 degree weather in October. I pulled out the sweaters – which is really no big deal. I simply walked to another section of the closet. πŸ™‚ I’ve been wearing this bright red chenille sweater every week. Every time I wear it I have to take a crochet hook and pull all the loose yarn to the inside. I think it’s cuddling with Stanley that does it. When the chenille sweater is in the laundry I wear another sweater, leg warmers, and sometimes fingerless gloves. I HATE being cold and I’m cold whenever it’s below 60. I am a wuss.

This morning I was awakened at 4:30 by the most gawdawful sound. I’m a heavy sleeper – once I fall asleep – so I had a dual alarm installed in my house. Both alarms were going off. I woke in that sleep disorientation. What the hell is that sound? Is it the TV? What’s going on? Thankfully, I grasped the situation pretty quickly and answered the call from the alarm company.

“Do you need me to call the police?”

“No, I just need you to hold on while I turn off the alarm.”

I actually made it to the keypad without my glasses, managed to turn it off, and read the display. It said my front door was open. I cautiously opened my bedroom door, walked to the end of the hall and peered into the living room. No, it wasn’t open. With the alarm person on the phone with me I made it to the front door – still without glasses, which is a miracle in itself. I pushed against the door. It was okay. I opened the door. The security screen was okay.

That’s when I was informed that the cold and the wind could set off the sensors. I kinda/sorta doubted the nice lady on the phone because it’s been colder than what it was this morning and nothing happened. I went back to the bedroom, got Stanley (who was having a cow at this point) and took him outside. There on the patio were several shingles. Okay, then, it’s time for a roof inspection.

This week a blue norther is supposed to hit the northern part of the US. I commiserate with those of you in the path of it. Although I’ve lived in Canada, Syracuse, and Chicago I froze in all three places and that was just during normal winters.

Sending warm fuzzies to all of you in the path of this storm. Hunker down, heat up. And good luck with your burglar alarms and your roofs.