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Mike Rowe recently made the comment that I’ve made a title of this post. I laughed when I read it because I was just thinking that earlier.

Stanley is also that unique mixture.

I was on the phone today – by the way, I finished the book and sent it to my editor today. It’s early, but I just wanted it off my desk – and he would NOT shut up. He kept barking at something. I thought Flash the Wonder Pooch had a penetrating bark, but Stanley’s can shatter your ear drums. Nor was he intrigued by the pound of kibble I threw at him to get him to SHUT UP.

Instead, he was determined to render me deaf and make the conversation impossible. I finally hung up and he immediately got quiet.


I talked to the vet about Stanley’s whining bouts when he sees pictures of dogs. He had a comment that surprised me. He said that Stanley might be experiencing something from his past. Okay. Since I don’t know diddly about his past I’m kind of lost. He also said that since dogs are pack animals Stanley might need to be socialized more. Okay. That sounds great except that Stanley isn’t exactly what you would call dog friendly. He will go after certain dogs. You have to be very careful when you introduce a new dog to him. The dog park isn’t an option. Nor are most doggy day cares.

I actually thought about getting a second dog. That thought lasted until the ARE YOU KIDDING FAIRY slapped me upside the head. I know lots of people with more than one dog. I don’t know how they do it. Let’s just put it out there. Stanley is a diva. He wants/demands/expects your full, undivided devotion.

How about your pets? Are they, like Mike Rowe said, part asshole? I’d love to know.

Oh, and although he is a PITA occasionally, he’s still a darling little dog. He’s getting more and more affectionate. Plus, he’s still doing well being alone in the house for about 30 minutes.