Likewise, when my dog – a unique mix of terrier and asshole…

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Mike Rowe recently made the comment that I’ve made a title of this post. I laughed when I read it because I was just thinking that earlier.

Stanley is also that unique mixture.

I was on the phone today – by the way, I finished the book and sent it to my editor today. It’s early, but I just wanted it off my desk – and he would NOT shut up. He kept barking at something. I thought Flash the Wonder Pooch had a penetrating bark, but Stanley’s can shatter your ear drums. Nor was he intrigued by the pound of kibble I threw at him to get him to SHUT UP.

Instead, he was determined to render me deaf and make the conversation impossible. I finally hung up and he immediately got quiet.


I talked to the vet about Stanley’s whining bouts when he sees pictures of dogs. He had a comment that surprised me. He said that Stanley might be experiencing something from his past. Okay. Since I don’t know diddly about his past I’m kind of lost. He also said that since dogs are pack animals Stanley might need to be socialized more. Okay. That sounds great except that Stanley isn’t exactly what you would call dog friendly. He will go after certain dogs. You have to be very careful when you introduce a new dog to him. The dog park isn’t an option. Nor are most doggy day cares.

I actually thought about getting a second dog. That thought lasted until the ARE YOU KIDDING FAIRY slapped me upside the head. I know lots of people with more than one dog. I don’t know how they do it. Let’s just put it out there. Stanley is a diva. He wants/demands/expects your full, undivided devotion.

How about your pets? Are they, like Mike Rowe said, part asshole? I’d love to know.

Oh, and although he is a PITA occasionally, he’s still a darling little dog. He’s getting more and more affectionate. Plus, he’s still doing well being alone in the house for about 30 minutes.


6 thoughts on “Likewise, when my dog – a unique mix of terrier and asshole…”

  1. We have a 3 yr old pug, Tallulah. They were bred as companion dogs for royalty & apparently she’s aware of this. HRH (my 6 yr old granddaughter) calls her the princess of the pugs. She’s persnickety & can be a PITA, but overall is good natured and loves to nap.
    Lil Man aka Sarge, is a 7mo old male from the same parents as Tally. They were both runts but he’s already much bigger than Tally & beefy. He devils her constantly. Every once in a while she gives him what for & he backs off for maybe 5 min. Lil Man belongs to youngest & will leave with him in April.
    He’s going to miss Tally but not sure she’s going to miss him.
    If we do get another dog it will be a rescue. We had a male rescue pug, Tommy. He was senior, deaf, with chromic bronchitis, & only one eye. Unfortunately the coughing (we put him on meds for it so it was much better) had gone on for so long it caused heart issues. He had a heart attack 9 mos. after he came to live with us. Still miss him horribly & so does Tally.

  2. Hi Karen,

    Yes, that statement definitely describes my dog, Tidbit. Actually, I almost named my big baby Pita. My kid talked me out of it. Lol. Her dog isn’t any better. I was on the phone the other night and she did the same thing as Stanley. Sammie has a bark that will drive you crazy. She’s an Aussie and Tidbit, my dog, is a Lab.

  3. In another life, Mr Wonderful and I showed Cocker Spaniels and a Boxer. We had several dogs. Everyone got along – usually. We even had one who at 10 PM every night no matter what would start howling for his nightly milk bone.

    First – female dogs in dog shows are called bitches. There is a reason for that. We had a mother and daughter who hated one another. No idea why. Both of them got along with everyone else, but not one another. Cockers and Boxers are very social. Playing is the only thing they think about (other than food) and they like to play, cuddle, play some more and then eat and eat and eat. But the mother and daughter would have physically harmed one another given the opportunity.

    I also helped a friend of ours who showed Sealham terriers. I learned a lot from that. Judges, (this was years ago don’t know if they still do this) used to bring handlers and a pair of dogs to face off at one another. There was no fighting but the dogs were allowed to be aggressive toward one another. That was expected and it was a consideration when being judged.

    Terriers were sent into dangerous situations, generally underground or in the dark and expected to attack and kill vermin. No matter what the vermin were. We need to remember what any breed was bred to do. Terriers were bred to be aggressive and brave and do a dangerous job without fail.

    A pekingese, like my dog, was bred to do nothing. My dog excels at that. He has lived with me for nearly 2 years and was afraid of my patio. Several days ago was the first time he walked around on his own to explore.

    Because he is a rescue I do not know his entire history. He is afraid of very small children, he is learning to allow women to pet him and he is frightened of men.

    My dog is a Pain In The Ass at times, because at times I have no idea what he wants or needs.

    As for Stanley, it appears that he wants you attention. And he does not do well with sharing. When my kids were little, if I went in the bathroom, I had one who would lay on the floor and talk to me under the door. She seldom spoke to me normally, but with me in the bathroom it became urgent for her to speak to me. Go figure.

  4. I have 3 dogs and they have played together for a while one I’d 9 she will be 10 in April, my other girl is 8 and she will be 9 in July and the only boy is 4 and he will be 5 in October. When I first got the little boy the other two dogs wouldn’t have any thing to do with him, he was 5 weeks old and a very small dog but after a month or so they started to get along now they play together all the time and they make me laugh at the silly things they do.

  5. He is so cute Karen but he has that I don’t take no s*** look. Our dog Daisy is part terrier and she is a sweetheart with us totally submissive and loves to be loved. But, if there are other dogs around she is a little bitch. When we had our other jacks she would kick their ass if she thought they were getting something and she wasn’t. And she was the smaller dog! She lorded it over our males and our female Brisket. I don’t know if other breeds are like this but female terriers seem to be the alpha.

  6. Our first dog was a papered beagle and we had her before children so she was spoiled and well, a beagle lol. Our second dog we got right before children and she was a rescue, sweetest dog ever and never an @sshole lol. Now cats are another thing…aren’t they all mostly that! Of course, some are more than others lol.

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