This is What I Think – and Feel

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I hated the Gillette ad so much that I logged onto YouTube to vote “dislike”. I hated, hated, hated it. I hope that Gillette will go belly up. I’m tempted to look at all the P&G products and boycott the company and I don’t believe in boycotts.

I like men. I think they’ve been given a lousy hand by society in the last forty years. They’re good enough to die in wars, but let’s make fun of them in TV commercials and sitcoms.


This YouTube ad is by a watch company and while I’m really, really tired of virtue signalling by corporations at least their viewpoint is one with which I agree.

Enough people.




6 thoughts on “This is What I Think – and Feel”

  1. I find the saddest statistic in that short film – the proportion of suicides who are men. We have created a country where men are judged as being lesser. No particular reason, it just is so.

    There was a time when women were considered chattel. Now, we have gone so far to the other side that men are less than chattel. Chattel had value.

    Thank you for sharing this, Ma’am.

  2. This is a wonderful response. It’s cold hard truth but it reminds us that not all men, or women, can be painted with the same palette. I despise the societal demeaning of men. I’ve been on the ‘wrong’ side of a man and walked away alive. I used my inner strength to stand my ground and survive what otherwise could have been my last moment. I don’t see every other man as someone wanting to do me harm because of one. Men were created to protect women…the providers of life. If women would just look in the mirror and realize we are the ones with the real power. Throughout nature, the female of the species is the alpha and her mate, the alpha male, is her follower not the other way around. But the demeaning and denigration of the male in our society has to stop or they will continue even worse behavior because that’s how the male ego goes.
    I shared this on FB and Twitter and I’ll probably catch flack for it, but I don’t care. Thanks for sharing it, Karen. 🙂

  3. Karen good for you. Such good points that you bring up. What kills me is that they put that stupid commercial out and there are so many in today’s world will look at that and follow mindlessly what they are trying to pass.

    That video you just shared makes you stop and think.

    I love men too and I was raised by (because my own father passed) by very strong very masculine men, my uncles. They didn’t disparage women and were respectful too. But there was no doubt they were manly men.

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