Today I’m Grateful for…

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…lots and lots of stuff.

…that I have learned, over the years, how to give up habits. My counters, now denuded of coffee machines, are just a reminder.

…that I’m feeling pretty darn good, considering I’ve started exercising again – the hour a day kind. Ouch a little. Stanley is a good exercise buddy. I throw him kibble. He sits on the floor and waits until I’m finished.

…that I write historical romance. I like writing about when men were manly men and honor meant something. Don’t kid yourself, there were always women who triumphed no matter the societal restrictions. But there were heroes, too.

…that we’re having cool days interspersed with 70 degree weather. What’s not to love, right?

… that there’s a company called The Farmer’s Dog. They make human grade dog food specially formulated for your dog’s breed and ideal weight. The more I’ve been investigating pet food the more horrified I’ve become. After a long talk with my vet I’ve decided to try their food for Stanley. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The other day I realized that I’d forgotten to send some CDs to a reader so I’m sending the package out this weekend. I have three more sets of CDs for To Love a Duchess. If you would like one, please send me an email to with CD as the subject. I need your emails by 12:00 Midnight today because I’m planning on sending out the packages this weekend. I’ll draw names on Saturday. (And I’m sorry, but because of how heavy they are, it’s prohibitive to ship overseas or to Canada. So this drawing will have to be US only.)



5 thoughts on “Today I’m Grateful for…”

  1. You sound like you’re in good spirits, no coffee withdrawals. I hope you and Stanley have a nice weekend.

  2. I think one of the reasons I enjoy historical romance is the fact the men believed in themselves. And in books, they seemed to want to care for the people in their lives.

    I would like to believe that those things are still true.

    Congratulations on overcoming all the changes in your life and coming out the other side successfully.

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