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I am feeling wonderfully well, y’all. I’m finally able to surface from the fog of no caffeine. I swear, I am so pure now. I don’t smoke. I only drink water. I watch what I eat. Man, I’m almost a princess. 🙂

I’m actually surprised that giving up coffee, tea, and sodas was so easy. I don’t have to do the whole coffee thing in the morning or worry about only drinking herbal tea. It’s basically simplified a lot for me, so that’s a good thing. The trick is to continue to abstain. 

Tomatoes and other foods might be more difficult. I have to look up everything before I order it or put it into my mouth. Let’s see, I’ve gone from low carb to ketogenic to anti-inflammation to an anti-acid reflux diet. Good grief.

Stanley has been the best cuddle buddy and the sweetest thing the past few days. We’ve developed this weird habit of watching Too Cute every evening. I ask him if he wants to watch kitties and puppies and he goes to sit in front of the fireplace and looks up at the TV. I’ve never had a dog actually watch TV before, but he will watch for about 30 minutes before getting bored.

He whines a little whenever he sees another dog. I wonder if he’s lonely. If he is, there isn’t much I could do about it unless I get another dog. I’m not ready for another dog. What do you think? What does whining mean?

Have you noticed that San Antonio has been in the news lately, and not in a good way? There was a case of an 8 month year old buried by his father. The story was that he was abducted, but he wasn’t. Another story: a woman gave the Secret Service what for when they came to interview her about saying that the president should be assassinated. Okay, what happened with people having a teensy, bitty, bit of class, y’all? Anyway, I’m embarrassed about some of the actions of my fellow citizens.

In my neighborhood we have a loose chicken. Plus coyotes. Ergo, no more loose chicken. The other day one of the neighbors was hysterical because her pig and her pug got out.

I’m exceedingly boring compared to my neighbors, but I’m still a Dewy Blossom Princess in the Garden of Life. 

What do you think about Gillette coming out with an ad campaign against masculine men? Good grief, talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

Speaking of commercials, I love the Sling commercials with the couple who act like they’re swingers. Fun and imaginative.

And, speaking of TV I have found myself watching Dr. Pimple Popper. Yep, I’m actually fascinated by other people’s blemishes, lipomas, and skin diseases. It makes me very thankful for my good skin. There are many times when I have to close my eyes, but the fact that I’m watching it amazes me.

I could always blame it on no coffee. 🙂