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I’ve been diagnosed with a form of acid reflux. I suspected as much due to some weird things that happened in the past month.

The upshot is that I am on a diet that eliminates a lot of foods. Most specifically, however, I can’t drink coffee, tea, or any kind of carbonation. I do have a reverse osmosis drinking water system, though, and my water tastes great.

For the past year I’ve been drinking decaffeinated coffee. Decaf still has some caffeine. Plus, I’ve been augmenting it with caffeine from time to time. So, for the past two days – without any caffeine at all – I’ve been asleep more than I’ve been awake. I have absolutely NO energy.

Stanley has been my nap buddy.

He’s sitting on my lap right now. We took a nap about an hour after we got up. Then another one a few hours after that. We may take another one in a few minutes. He’s not recuperating from the effects of caffeine, but he is willing to nap whenever.

We saw the trailers for Aquaman and A Dog’s Way Home a little while ago. He whined all during the dog movie, but didn’t seem impressed by Aquaman. I want to see both of them, but I will wait until they’re available to rent.

I had to work Saturday and Sunday so I’ve considered Thursday and today my weekend. That’s what I’m telling myself so I don’t feel guilty.

Stanley has fallen asleep in the time it took to type the above. I got a message from his FitBark yesterday: Stanley seems to be sleeping more than usual. Is he feeling all right? I turned off the notifications. I wanted to tell them that Stanley was doing sleep therapy, thanks, and mind your own business. 

Just think what I’m going to be like off all stimulants. No coffee. No tea. No soda. I will be so mellow I’ll be annoying as hell. No more ranting for me. I won’t be awake long enough.