A Tremendously Lazy Day

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I’ve been diagnosed with a form of acid reflux. I suspected as much due to some weird things that happened in the past month.

The upshot is that I am on a diet that eliminates a lot of foods. Most specifically, however, I can’t drink coffee, tea, or any kind of carbonation. I do have a reverse osmosis drinking water system, though, and my water tastes great.

For the past year I’ve been drinking decaffeinated coffee. Decaf still has some caffeine. Plus, I’ve been augmenting it with caffeine from time to time. So, for the past two days – without any caffeine at all – I’ve been asleep more than I’ve been awake. I have absolutely NO energy.

Stanley has been my nap buddy.

He’s sitting on my lap right now. We took a nap about an hour after we got up. Then another one a few hours after that. We may take another one in a few minutes. He’s not recuperating from the effects of caffeine, but he is willing to nap whenever.

We saw the trailers for Aquaman and A Dog’s Way Home a little while ago. He whined all during the dog movie, but didn’t seem impressed by Aquaman. I want to see both of them, but I will wait until they’re available to rent.

I had to work Saturday and Sunday so I’ve considered Thursday and today my weekend. That’s what I’m telling myself so I don’t feel guilty.

Stanley has fallen asleep in the time it took to type the above. I got a message from his FitBark yesterday: Stanley seems to be sleeping more than usual. Is he feeling all right? I turned off the notifications. I wanted to tell them that Stanley was doing sleep therapy, thanks, and mind your own business. 

Just think what I’m going to be like off all stimulants. No coffee. No tea. No soda. I will be so mellow I’ll be annoying as hell. No more ranting for me. I won’t be awake long enough.




18 thoughts on “A Tremendously Lazy Day”

  1. I know it sounds strange but…… take a sip of apple cider vinegar. Not sure about how often, but my dad was a doctor and he mentioned this more than once.

    • With me it’s the pepsin. I have to watch anything that prompts pepsin production (try saying that 3 times in a row). ACV is the worst thing for that, unfortunately.

  2. I’ve tried going off caffeine but the side affects are horrible. I have acid reflux as well Karen. I can’t drink wine anymore, it just aggravates it.

    • Don’t you just hate when that happens? I’m surprised it wasn’t worse giving up coffee. I guess if you’re in enough pain…

  3. I’m sorry that you have to go off caffeine. Hopefully your dr. can prescribe a
    Medicine that will help with the acid reflux.
    Pizza gives my stomach fits now so I rarely eat it. I feel for
    You w/o your coffee.

    Catherine V.

    • I can’t even look at pizza anymore. 🙂 I’ve declined medications until after I try a new way of eating and see if that helps.

  4. Once your body gets used to going without, you’ll feel normal again. In the meantime, listen to your body and rest…it’s healing time for your body when you nap. It doesn’t hurt Stanley either. 😊

  5. I live on coffee. I can’t even imagine having to do without. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to bother me. Good luck!

    • Lucky duck! I was surprised to discover that coffee and tea might be causing my pain. It started as a cough and I thought I had bronchitis that was causing a sore throat, too. Nope. It was all acid reflux. My cough is so much better and the nightly pain is gone, so everything’s headed in the right direction.

  6. My doctor let me cut my caffeine intake by half. I can’t imagine completely cutting it out. Well, I could, but it wouldn’t be pretty.

  7. I absolutely feel so sorry for you. At one point in my life, I would drink an entire pot – 12 cups of coffee a day…..that was long ago. Now, one cup of coffee in the morning (or tea) and one iced tea with lunch.

    I really am sorry that you are dealing with this.

    But, I bet that Stanley ( I always want to call him Stan the Man) is happy as can be being able to nap with you. That is, of course, his entire purpose in life to make you feel his love and be content.

    • He has been the sweetest little thing. He’s just been a joy. I’m surprised that I’m able to function pretty well without coffee and tea and soda. I’m learning to appreciate the really good taste of my water. 🙂

  8. I also suffer from acid reflux. I take medication so it’s better. I didn’t drink coffee or coke for a year. I have been drinking coffee since I was young so it was difficult to give it up. I’m better now so I allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning. I also watch what I eat and stay away from any tomato products and other foods which will bother me. It pisses me off sometimes when I see others eating stuff I like and I can’t have any. I feel like taking their piece of pizza and slapping them in the face with it. lol

    • I laughed at your comment because I feel the same way about pizza, too. I can’t even look at a tomato without flinching. 🙂

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