Wednesday Stuff

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Today Stanley went to the groomers. Stanley did not WANT to go the groomers. However, Stanley had the opportunity to sniff butt with a poodle so that was a good thing. I haven’t picked him up yet, but I’m sure I will get the cold shoulder for a little while, especially when he figures out that people were here in his absence.


My raccoon problem is finished. The nice Varmint Masters person has been so cool and it’s done, all done. Yay! Seriously, if you’re in San Antonio and have a varmint problem, call them. I can’t say enough nice things about them. Plus, Waylon let me pick his brain and ask him oodles of questions. Hey, you never know when that information will come in handy.



I saw where the American Psychological Association (the APA) has made the decree that traditional masculinity – “marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression:” is harmful.

Have they lost their everlovin’ minds?

Dear World, beta males are no fun. They’re wusses.



I think the “traditional” man is to be applauded. Long live the Alpha male. Give me a strong man any day. You can have the pajama boys, thanks. I’m not interested.

I’ve never heard of anything more idiotic. Correction, I have, but this is probably not the forum for some of the idiocy that passes for culture nowadays.

Yes, I’m dangerously close to a rant.



Have you seen the Netflix series Secret City? It features Anna Torv who starred in Fringe. That was always one of my favorites when it came to Sci-Fi. Secret City disturbed me on a visceral level for a couple of reasons. It’s taken a few days for me to figure out exactly why. Let me know if you’ve seen it and maybe we can discuss it.






7 thoughts on “Wednesday Stuff”

  1. Hope Stanley wasn’t too out of sorts when you got him home. I’ll bet he looked handsome. 😊

    I prefer an alpha male as well and not just in romance novels. I was married to a beta male so I had to step up and be ‘the man’. Nature made men bigger, stronger, and more aggressive for a reason – to protect his mate, the provider of life. I’ll stick with what nature designed rather than a wuss who is more likely to push me in front than protect me. 😛

    Glad your raccoon is gone! 😊

  2. I agree with you there on the masculinity thing. I don’t want a wussy of a man. I am a modern woman with some old-fashioned ways. I grew up with nine manly uncles. They were like Gods to me especially the older ones. There was nothing they couldn’t do!

  3. Go to youtube , Adam ruins Everything ,Alpha Males see what you think . BTW the show itself is seen on Tru tv

  4. Traditional males – are policemen, firemen, emt’s, lifeguards and a lot more heroic figures…you get the picture.

    So, the APA better hope they never need any help from anyone but a nice sweet guy who has no desire to be an Alpha and is big on overthinking problems because making a decision may result in an error.

  5. I also prefer Alpha males. My little dog Harley, who looks like a white ball of fluff, is an Alpha Male. My female dog and cat look to him for protection, and so do I. He takes care of my mouse problem. I have a pest control service but Harley is much more reliable, and I think his way is much more humane. It is nice to have someone — human or canine to rely on

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