The Raccoon Saga Continues

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Just a quick note to tell you that the nice varmint man came by this morning (and amazed the plumbers. All the guys congregated around the raccoon that Waylon had trapped).

Picture a 35 pound female raccoon. This little darlin’ was HUGE. It was twice as big as Stanley. It’s illegal to set them free because of the danger of rabies so, unfortunately, she was dead. (I really wish they weren’t so cute.)

I couldn’t help but be thankful that she didn’t have babies in my attic. (No pictures. The poor thing was too graphically dead.)


8 thoughts on “The Raccoon Saga Continues”

  1. Luckily, I’ve never had a problem. I feed them along with my ferals and possums (big eater of ticks) and anything else that wanders through lol.

  2. They are cute & smart. Saw a pair once where a male was truing to pull a pregnant female from a gutter. Also saw one crawling down from my porch roof late one night. Scared the bejeezus out of me It was huge.
    They are on of the biggest carriers of rabies, though.

    • I really regretted having to do that. From my research it was the only way to prevent the “family” from visiting. I really don’t want to live with raccoons.

    • Ah, I wish. Another trap set. There might be more than one. Heck, there could be a convention in my attic. 🙂

      They won’t seal up the hole until they’re sure there are any other ones using my attic as a refuge. Evidently, raccoons can do a lot MORE damage trying to get into their “home”. Sigh.

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