Ze Mystery, She is Solved

I have a raccoon.

The hand print gave him away.

He has done significant damage to my chimney – as referenced in the picture – but only screwed up the insulation, not the wiring. Plus, there was some fecal matter, but not oodles.

What the nice man from Varmint Masters (really liked the guy – Stanley tried to eat him before he was put in time out in my office) said was that the office was a perfect location for the raccoon. He could hide in the sections to the side, where the ceiling drops off.

Here’s a picture of the ceiling:

Off to the right, where the ceiling drops down, is where I heard the raccoon. (Nice to know I’m not nuts.)

Getting rid of said raccoon is not a cheap process, but it’s worth it if I don’t have to hear the footprints on the ceiling and the scrabbling around.

After he or she has been caught, the chimney will be flashed in metal all the way around to prevent this from happening again. The last step is to sanitize the attic.

I was warned that when the raccoon was trapped that it wasn’t going to be a silent experience. He would not be a happy camper. As long as I KNOW what those noises are, I’m okay. It’s the spooky 4:30 AM sounds that bother me.

16 thoughts on “Ze Mystery, She is Solved”

    • Sounds like 2019 is starting out to cost you a lot of $$. Hope things get better for you.
      We have to get a new roof so that starts our new year. It’s only money, right! We all have have to keep fighting to exist(not war).
      Happy New Year. It’s 59 degrees and sunshine after weeks of rain in Maryland😀

      • Now it’s just funny.

        It turns out that the water conditioner leak was caused by a PRV (pressure regulating/reducing valve). That’s another $500 first thing Monday morning.

        Seriously, I’m so glad I have a well developed sense of humor.

        Love the weather in Maryland! It’s 72 here today. Lovely, wonderful, beautiful Texas day.

    • You know, Stanley didn’t make a peep while I was banging on the walls and the ceiling. He just looked at me like I was nuts.

      • Just an addendum. Stanley just started going nuts. He ran into the living room, stood in front of the fireplace and started barking like mad. Wonder if the trap caught something?

  1. Well shoot fire, have you asked Stanley if he needs a pet?

    Good luck on getting your attic dwell removed. It will be quite an experience I am sure. And I would bet the sounds from above will make Stanley very nervous.

    • Oh, you are so right.

      The nice varmint man said that the raccoon probably discovered a dead or dying squirrel up there. There are squirrel remains. Nice to know that I have Wild Kingdom in my attic.

  2. Rocky Raccoon will not only not be happy when he’s caught but yes having the area sterilized will definitely be needed after he has left the building. Happy 2019, right? Helen in Ark

    • I went into the garage to discover that the water softener is leaking.


      They’ll be here tomorrow to repair it.

      The nice varmint man will be here tomorrow to check the trap.


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