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It is a fact that, when writing descriptions, less is more. If you overload your descriptions with too many adjectives and pile them on, the reader’s eyes glaze over. I’m one of those readers who mutters,” Oh, for heaven’s sake,” and skips whole paragraphs or even pages.

I once read three paragraphs at the beginning of a book about the moon. The author was in love with moonrise and she just couldn’t shut up.

I just couldn’t continue.

Another funny thing is the F word. It has the effect of making words and even thoughts disappear. Too many F words in a paragraph and your eyes glaze over and you come to the conclusion that there isn’t a cogent – or sane – thought in the entire paragraph.

Most people, however, who use the F word liberally think that it peppers their words, gives emphasis to their ideas, and makes people pay attention.

It does the exact opposite.

It’s like salting a good broth too much. It ruins it.