Memories of Christmas

Strangely enough, I don’t have all that many Christmas memories. The ones I do recall are because of family movies – long since destroyed.

I can see my great-great grandmother and my grandmother walking into a room, or my mother parading around in her new fur. (That was a big deal that year.) Or my brother in his football uniform and both of us on roller skates. Or when I got a Madame Alexander doll and showed her to the camera.

Independent of movie flashbacks, however, my childhood is shrouded in a gray fog.

I have no idea why I can’t remember a lot of my childhood. It may have something to do with the fact that I was always trying to be unnoticed. Or that I always had my nose in a book. Or that my imaginary life was so much detailed and interesting than my real life. I didn’t have any major traumas in my childhood. No physical abuse, but the jury is still out if having a high functioning alcoholic for a father counts as emotional abuse.

When my boys were little I went out of my way to keep Santa Clause alive for as long as I could. There were years when we didn’t have much, but there was always a tree, a few presents, and joy.

May your Christmas this year – and every year – be a celebration of love, joy, and togetherness. And, if the togetherness isn’t possible then I hope that your memories are rich, detailed, and filled with love.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

Karen and Stanley (The Terrier Terror)

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    Wishing you and yours a BEAUTIFUL day filled with laughter, joy, fun and LOVE!!
    Here’s to spending your day just being lazy, you deserve to relax and be silly!
    Christmas (((HUGS))) Ms. Karen!!

    I remember my childhood Christmas, it wasn’t always fun-filled, but I do remember it.
    My parents didn’t have much, but we always celebrated it and they did try to give us as much as their budget would allow.
    We sometimes received new toys and sometimes gently used toys.
    We didn’t mind because believe it or not we all understood, even at that young age, we understood.
    We had each other and we all knew we were loved, that’s all that counted for us.

  2. I hope you, John, and Stanley are all enjoying the holiday season. I’m sure you have found all sorts of wonderful presents for Stanley—and some Green Bay items for your son.
    I don’t remember much from my childhood either. I actually can’t remember a single present I ever received, but I know I got many. What memories I do have from childhood are mostly the good times with my paternal grandparents—-I still miss them very much even though they’ve been gone since I was in college.
    Enjoy the season—give Stanley a pat for me.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, John, and Stanley!

    Growing up, our Christmases were always filled with love and lots of family. I really miss those days, and all the loved ones that are no longer with us. However, my childhood is a gray blur for the most part. I guess my mind has blocked out a lot of things.

  4. Ma’am, I hope you and John and Stanley have a wonderful Christmas. I did not have a warm and fuzzy childhood. My first birthday cake was given to me by friends at school when I was in the 8th grade. It was shaped like a butterfly and I was thrilled.

    So, charming memories – not a ton of them but for Christmas I can give you —

    One year I got a bicycle for Christmas – that was terrific for me. Another year I got a Toni doll for Christmas. A Toni doll – named after a home permanent and you put sugar water on her hair to make it curl…..yeah a truly imaginative idea. The final Christmas gift I can remember – the year my parents moved to California and took my brother but left me – my gift was things you put in a fire and make the flames different colors….it was probably filled with chemicals which kill people when inhaled. But, at the time I thought they were marvelous.

    I have a black and white photo of a large family gathering at Christmas. Lots of cousins with smiling faces.

    Tomorrow, Sonny and I will be alone. I expect that I will be OK – and I can enjoy the day. In the past I have been alone when in groups, and this is much more peaceful.

  5. Merry Christmas to you John and Stanley. We didn’t have much growing up. I too had my nose in a book; it got me through a lot as a kid.

    My Mother used to make us hot chocolate and she requested the local radio station play “The Little Drummer Boy” for Terri, Toni, and Kathy McGhee.

    She didn’t make much money but my favorite Christmas was the year I got skates (the kind you had to use a key with) and a tennis set. I really admired Billie Jean King.

    I try to make things special for my family. But it is getting harder. It’s just taxing with the tree the decorations and the business of the season but I do make the effort for her, even though she’s 24!

  6. Thank you, Karen. I hope you and your son (and Stanley) enjoy the holidays and form more new memories to replace the old. May the New Year bring you your heart’s wishes and much enjoyment with “your boys”!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I do have lovely memories of Christmas, but this is the first Christmas since my Mother has passed and so it is a bit sad. And…40 years later I still miss my grandmother. She and I were so very close. We also lost our beloved 19-year-old kitty on Dec 6, but a new little guy has come into our lives. He is a sweet small ginger and white cat who had been very badly abused and almost starved to death. Now he is happy, gaining weight and purring like mad. He has found his forever home and he has given us some of our joy back.

  8. I don’t remember any of my childhood Christmas’ either. I do recall almost all of them since I had kids. Odd I think. Anyway Karen, I pray that this Christmas is one of the best for you and everyone else.

  9. I don’t have a very clear picture of all my Christmas times. It was always a time for family, lots of it. I think it was hectic but I do have one memory I love. My grandparents lived on a farm and when we gathered we always shot off firecrackers outside while Santa came. This one year when we came inside there was this large pile of poop resting next to the Christmas tree. One of my uncles loudly proclaimed we had scared the s—t out of Santa. Of course it was gag store bought. Isn’t it strange that that one story is what I tell my grandchildren instead of the heartwarming ones. Anyway may you, your son and Stanley have a blessed Christmas.

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