You know you live in Texas when the ice cream truck is playing Christmas carols.

I received an email from SAMMinistries – an invitation to a Homeless Memorial, a memorial service to honor the lives of those who died in 2018 who were homeless. Just a reminder to me to always be grateful for what I have.

I bought a new IPhone XR. I received it last Thursday. By Friday it was winging its way back to the company. I think I got a lemon. The darn thing would not pair with my WiFi, took 30 seconds to open any app, and was generally a pain in the wazoo. I was on hold for 25 minutes to Apple Care the first time, 37 minutes the second time, and when I was on hold for 15 minutes the third time I gave up, deciding that Fate decreed I didn’t need a new phone all that much. My current phone, a 6S Plus, loses its charge ridiculously easy. I’ll carry around battery packs before I subject myself to that aggravation again. Maybe it’s time to change from an IPhone to something else.

Is there a food you love that’s ridiculously priced? I adore wild caught salmon lox. It’s really salty so I have to be careful not to eat too much of it. I think I could go through an entire salmon. Love that stuff. However, it’s almost like gold. I just priced it this morning and my eyes bugged out of my head. I guess I will only lust in my heart. (I like Vital Choice Seafood.)

Are you ready for Christmas? I can’t tell a lie – I’m not decorating again this year and my son is ridiculously easy to buy for (as long as he loves Green Bay).

Have you seen the new Amazon delivery trucks? They’re gray with a blue swoosh and Amazon in white. Pretty nifty.

I used Diane Sallans’ recipe for cooking rice in the microwave and managed to cook some without catching the microwave on fire! Yay! 1 cup rice/2 cups water, 5 minutes on high, then reduce the power to 50% and cook for 15 minutes. Thank you, Diane!

Have you heard of CarbSmart potatoes? They’re under the Green Giant brand and are supposed to have 55% fewer carbs than rice or pasta. Here’s the link to their website. (I can’t tell a lie – I ordered some in my groceries. Yep, they get delivered <HATE to go to the grocery store!> and I’ll let you know what I think.)

Did you know that tamales in San Antonio around Christmas are practically mandatory? Entrepreneurs pop up everywhere selling tamales of all flavors. The new thing in my neighborhood seems to be cream cheese and spinach.

Here’s a short video of Stanley and his “worm”.

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  1. Love the video!! Next time I make rice, I’m going to try that recipe. For the second year we haven’t put a tree up. For 48 years we got a live tree. My oldest daughter had a baby last year and they just moved nearby (3 min. away – yay). They’re house is twice as big so I’ve passed the baton and she now hosts the holidays. I just couldn’t see doing all that work when no one will be visiting. We put lights in the windows lol.

    • I’m basically lazy. I can’t see doing any work that I have to undo days later. 🙂

      I used to put out luminarias, which were lovey (paper sacks filled with sand with a candle in the middle). Since there was real fire involved you couldn’t just light them and walk away. Nowadays you can used battery operated votives and they work a lot better. Even that effort is beyond me. 🙂

      How lovely that your daughter moved close!

  2. We decorated, I’ll be honest though this year I really wasn’t into it. I don’t really get into the spirit until the week before Christmas. I’m watching all of the Christmas shows including the ones on Hallmark.

    Talk about expensive food. Mike generally does Turkey for Thanksgiving and the works and we have a Ham at Christmas. This year I wanted something different for Christmas. So after looking at different menus and choices I went with a Beef Tenderloin Roast. Holy Cow! I went to Central Market today and it was $33.99/lb. I bought two pounds and hope it’s enough for us at Christmas! I’ve never cooked a Beef Tenderloin but I have a recipe I’m dying to try; its a tenderloin with a Red wine sauce. It looks delicious. All Kathleen could say was “We’re not having a Christmas Ham?” Rolling my eyes.

  3. full disclosure – that rice recipe is off the Carolina Rice package

    I didn’t decorate for Christmas either – not even a wreath on the door (forgot to get one from the Boy Scouts the day after Thanksgiving) – I do have a Poinsettia my neighbors gave me

    • I just don’t care this year. I’ve been watching all the holiday stuff: cookies, baking shows, decorating shows. I’m a bit saturated with holiday stuff already. 🙂

  4. Glad Stanley is well and his recent jailbreak was not successful . I do love tuna , So does Jeep the cat , who stares at me, when I eat tuna. Ice cream trucks in December .. I am Jealous. My favorite ice cream is Pumpkin. Merry Christmas to you!!!

    • Don’t be jealous of the ice cream truck. We pay for it in the summer with 110 degrees.

      I didn’t even know they had pumpkin ice cream. Do you give Jeep some tuna for Christmas?

      Merry Christmas to you, Jeff, and all of yours, including the kitties.

  5. I saw the low carb potatoes in the grocery this past week. Did not buy them, I am a traditionalist….if I want carbs I want actual carbs.

    I was unable to get the video of Stanley and his worm…… But hey, that will be for another time.

    I put up a small tree for me – Sonny is too short to see it. I also have some snow globes, some Santa Toby mugs and two nativity scenes for kids. I need to do something for me not to fall into a deep well at Christmas. It would be too easy. These things remind me of the reason for the season….and that is a Huge Blessing For Me.

    • Well, darn on the video.

      I haven’t taken out my little tree yet, but at least I haven’t gotten the “down deep in the depths” blues like I normally do around this time of year. It’s probably because I’m in the throes of a deadline and the book is really captivating me.

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