Sounds – and Not of Silence

The other day something started beeping at me. It took forever for me to figure out what it was – it turned out to be a pedometer I’d found in my nightstand drawer. I’d activated it and it was beeping. 

I hate beeping noises.

I have alarms on my phone to make sure I do things: exercise, take a certain pill, that sort of thing. I know those beeps are coming. The microwave doesn’t bother me, either. However, unexpected beeps drive me nuts. When I still had manual smoke detectors you should have seen me go crazy when the battery needed changing on those suckers. I knocked two of them off the ceiling just to shut them up. (Now I have a different system that isn’t mounted to the ceiling.)

Beeping isn’t the only sound that I dislike. Stanley, cleaning certain portions of his anatomy, will make me get up and walk away. The slurping is absolutely gross. Or mayonnaise being spooned out of a jar. The crunch of an old fashioned metal ice cube tray was nails on a chalkboard to me. Strangely enough, nails on a chalkboard never made me wince.

How about you? Are there certain sounds that drive you bonkers?

18 thoughts on “Sounds – and Not of Silence”

  1. Yes, there are sounds I absolutely hate. My lab, Tidbit, does this teeth clicking sound when she wants food. She also makes the slurping sounds Stanley does (shiver). The sound Styrofoam makes when it rubs against something. Oh, and my kid can imitate the sound the ghost makes on The Grudge. I totally hate that sound and she knows it. She’ll do it when she wants to irritate me. 😡

  2. I hate the beeping of the fire alarm when we need to change the battery. It is annoying. We have them in several rooms so I can’t tell which one is beeping. Drives me nuts.

  3. The following sounds – fly all over me:

    I get upset when commercials volume on TV are twice as high as the show I was just watching. I don’t like the bass in car stereos when it shakes the windows in my house or car. As for beeping, for me most of it is nothing, but there are certain tones which make my teeth ache.

    • We have one guy in the neighborhood who drives through at 3:00 AM with his stereo on DEAF. Most of the neighbors want to advance on his house with torches and pitchforks.

  4. Yes since I got my hearing aids the clacking of shoes on my hardwood floor drives me to not wear them except when I go out or want to hear what’s being said. Also my mother had one of those battery operated smoke rectors and it took us months to figure out there wasn’t a cricket in her wall. Luckily my daughter the safety enigneer figured it out immediately. Who says a college degree is wasted money🤓


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