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The other day I was watching a program about obese dogs and they mentioned the FitBark. Stanley lost half a pound since his last appointment so he’s now 23.3, but I really don’t want him to gain weight. I thought the FitBark would be great. It fits on his collar, is light and unobtrusive, and doesn’t seem to bother him at all. You download a program for your phone and it syncs just like the FitBit, showing you oodles of information. (The FitBit is a small device that you can wear either on a necklace or a bracelet that tracks your steps, your activity level, and your sleep from day to day. I wear one and it helps me to keep more active each day.)

I’m having the most fun with this thing. Stanley’s activity level is slightly better than dogs of his breed and size. His sleep quality is 88%, but I think that’s because I’m always in the bathroom between 1 – 5 AM.  Yesterday he expended 840 calories and traveled almost 5 miles. He slept 12.10 hours, was active 10.39 hours, and played 1.11 minutes. I don’t know how they measure play because he was a whirling dervish for a lot of that active time.

I’m already trying to figure out ways to get him more active. (I can pair my FitBit with the FitBark so that we’re more active together, too.)

Here’s the Fitbark website if you’d like more information.