Thoughts on My Neck of the Woods

What’s the best thing about your neighborhood? What’s the worst?

I was thinking about my neck of the woods the other day. My neighborhood is old which means that it’s a compendium of first home buyers and original home owners.

We don’t have an HOA which can sometimes be a bad thing. The good thing is that an HOA doesn’t make idiotic decrees. 

What I love most about it: the mature trees. I’m a tree person. I love trees. I love Texas Red Oaks, Live Oaks, all the gorgeous trees that grow easily here. I also adore magnolias, but they’re less common here. (I didn’t know that oak trees have to be 20 years old before they produce acorns. Ever since last year I’ve been drowning in acorns.)

I love that it’s quiet, for the most part. I love watching all the dog walkers and all the different breeds of dogs. (Stanley is less a fan.)

I’m not so keen on the coyotes that roam nearby or the idiots with rifles who shoot at the occasional deer. Even silver linings have clouds.

Your turn. What the best thing about your neighborhood? What’s the worse?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on My Neck of the Woods”

  1. I live on a small cul de sac, so it’s rather quiet. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of turnover in the past few years, I barely know anyone and there’s only 6 homes on our cul de sac.

    We do have an HOA.

    • My neighbor on the right has been here since our houses were built. The one on the left is new. I’ve talked more to the one on the left. I guess that makes me standoffish. 🙂

  2. Ours is an ecleptic neighborhood. Like yours it is an old neighborhood with many large trees. We have almost every ethnicity and
    most religions. Although we do not live in the nearby city we have many University people living here. We don’t have an HOA but we do have a great Neighborhood Association filled with forward thinking volunteers who protect us from the envasion of grocery stores (I mean the big ones. Not the Mom and Pop stores). We too have many dog walkers and a multitude of breeds. (I used to be one before my health gave out. We don’t have any Oaks because the leaves do not compost well. We also have visiting wildlife but
    no coyotes–they are more in the upper end of town. I am truly happy there haven’t any bear sightings (or maybe one, in the upper end of town. We were only going to live here for one year until we found a house we liked but Fate kept is here and now we totally own our home.

    • Bears? I think I would freak if I saw a bear. I’m not happy when a Pit Bull gets loose and starts roaming the neighborhood.

  3. We live on a quiet crescent in a community outside the main city and beside the ocean. Quite often we hear the waves at night lulling us to sleep. We quite often get pheasants in our backyard in the winter looking for apples which have fallen off our tree and we have all kinds of bushes, from huge roses to lilacs and honeysuckle. There are constant dogwalkers on our street too and we love it.

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