Boy, Do I Disagree

Quoted from the New York Post: “Women sleep better next to dogs than their human partners, according to a study published this month by researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York.”

Uh, no.

This woman doesn’t.

The study goes on to say that: “The study found that both cats and humans were equally disruptive to women’s sleep and provided them with fewer feelings of comfort and security than dogs.”

Unless you have a 24 pound Scottish Terrier mix who paints himself onto your derriere and moves when you move. Heaven forbid you want to sleep on your back. He’ll climb onto your front.

He also snores.

Nope, I go along with the Mayo Clinic/Arizona report (quoted in the same article) that found that people who slept with a dog in the bedroom got more rest than people who didn’t, but that having a dog in the bed with you could disrupt your sleep.

Stanley sleeps in the bathroom. I sleep in the bed. We both get along better that way. πŸ™‚

How about you? Do you sleep with a dog?

22 thoughts on “Boy, Do I Disagree”

  1. I do not allow my pets to get on my bed at any time.
    I sleep with hubby and that’s enough sharing! LOL!
    They actually do not get on any furniture at all.
    Both of my doggies have their own beds, two beds upstairs and two beds downstairs for them.

    • Flash would never get on the furniture. Once, I encouraged him onto the couch and he jumped right off. Oops, I take that back. When I had that huge honkin’ leather ottoman he would jump up there, but that was it. He like to play King of the Castle.

      Stanley, on the other hand, thinks that I was made for him to cuddle, so wherever I am is where he thinks he belongs. Couch, office chair, white recliner in the bedroom. However, he’s pretty good about sleeping in the bathroom behind a baby gate. I figure I’ve earned a little “me” time at night.

  2. I sleep on my side with one cat on my head, one by my belly and one at my feet while my husband snores in my ear… LOL!

  3. Well I slept good with Brisket (who is passed) but only when Mike would get up in the morning, she would come upstairs and she would sleep in my arms. We would spoon LOL. I had a hard time getting used to Daisy sleeping with us but I’m okay now with it. She likes to sleep under the covers in the crook of Mike’s upper thigh / butt area. I reach over and pet her during the night. I’ve gotten used to her. When we had the cats Moira used to sleep behind my head on my pillow and I actually enjoyed listening to her motor. Soothing.

  4. My Lab and cat sleep with me. Yes, they disrupt my sleep and crowd me. They are both big and are also very needy. Sometimes they make me feel trapped because one of them will each take a side, which causes the blanket to be tight against me. 😑 Not good for someone with PTSD. 😱 The new place I moved into doesn’t have a bedroom door yet, so I can’t shut them out. I had a crate for the Lab, but she busted out of it. It’s all bent up. She was determined. Lol. I never left her in it long but I guess she felt it was too long. Smh. The door is on my list because I’m tired of being tired.

    Oh, when I was married, I couldn’t sleep with my ex most nights. He snored like a chainsaw. Lol

    • When I was married I always woke up whenever my husband moved. Now if I got married it would be mandatory to have a king sized (or bigger) bed. πŸ™‚

      I’m surprised the Lab and the cat get along. You must be the animal whisperer.

  5. Only once in a great while does a dog sleep with me. I like my bed space. That’s why I sleep alone. Hubby has his own bed.

    • I think, if I ever married again, that we’d have separate bedrooms and bathrooms. When I tell people that they say, “Then why get married at all?” Well, so I can sleep and so romance can still live without sharing a bathroom. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Karen,

    Hope that you and Sir Stanley are well.

    I would tend to disagree, as well. Although I have been single for many a years now….I don’t find sleeping with a dog too comforting, at all. Although we had many a dogs growing up, I never had one sleep with me until I was in my 50’s and my eldest daughter got herself a chiweenie. I kept him while she worked at night and let me tell you, it was like having a newborn baby in the bed. That was the one and only time an animal, of the four legged variety, slept in my bed! LOL Growing up, we always had large dogs, as pets. And although they are cute, the small dog variety (I call them yap-yap dogs) are not for me. If I could have a dog at all, I would want a German Shepherd or Malanoi 😊 Have wanted one all my life. But I think, IMHO, that animals are part of the family and should be taken care of, as such. And once you have one, you shouldn’t get rid of it just because you had a new baby or you got a new significant other or you don’t feel like having the responsibility anymore! And I believe that if you aren’t in that position to do so, you shouldn’t have one. Plus large dogs need a nice sized yard and shouldn’t be couped up in a tiny apartment. As I said, these are just my humble opinions. And I feel strongly about them 😁

    Have an awesome weekend, you two.πŸ’ž

    • Thank you, Vicki.

      I’ve never slept with a dog. When the boys were little and we had a dog he would sleep with one of them.

      I feel the same about the size of dogs – I never thought I’d get as small a dog as Stanley. I think now it’s a good thing because I can control him when he goes ape and wants to bite someone. Yep, he’s still ferocious to strangers.

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